January 16, 2021

PHOTOS: Bianca Zuluaga- Chad Johnson Mistress #3???

Oh No, one more blow for Ochocinco as sources revealed the identity of an alleged mistress, her name is Bianca Zuluaga, from Florida and she is the third woman who allegedly had an affair with Chad Johnson while he was with his wife Evelyn Lozada.

Chad Ochocinco third mistress Bianca Zuluaga photo

Beverly Shiner the girl from Canada but a resident in Fall River, Massachusetts, Amber Priddy born in NC now a stripper and aspiring model in Atlanta and today a third woman Bianca Zuluaga a sexy, young brunette from Miami is according to media chad Ochocinco’s third mistress.

People are already hating Bianca on twitter where she comments about chad, certainly not using his name but “Chocolate” (silly!!)

It was reported Bianca was aware chad was with Evelyn Lozada, but she didn’t care, she recently posted a tweeted about taking out all the receipts from her car, someone asked if they were condoms receipts to which Bianca responded by telling her Nah, just food

The other person then tweeted that’s was because the condom receipts were at his car, remember?, the person who tweeted this said to be an Evelyn Lozada fan.

The source who revealed Bianca and chad Ochocinco’s alleged affair said they have been hooking up for a over a year, they met while Evelyn was out of town most of the times at David’s Café in Miami.

“Chad has been having an affair with another woman from Miami named Bianca Zuluaga for the past year. Bianca knew all along that he was with Evelyn, but she didn’t care. She agreed not to say a word, a source said,” Radar reported.

“Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town on her book tour or filming. They would even meet at David’s Café in Miami, which is one of his regular hangout joints and they didn’t go to any lengths to hide the fact that they were there together,”

Bianca Zuluaga Chad Ochocinco David cafe miami

Need to read more info about Bianca Zuluaga, go to Slimcelebrity, read her bio and check tons of her photos.

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