March 2, 2021

PHOTOS: Novelist Sian Busby Peston – BBC News Robert Peston’s Wife

We are sadden to know that the wife of the great British journalist Robert Peston, Sian Busby passed away at the age of 51, Mrs. Busby loss her long battle to Lung cancer. She is survived by her beloved husband and her adorable sons Simon and Max.

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Sian Elizabeth Busby from Islington was the amazing 51-year-old novelist that gave us such amazing novels like McNaughten, The Cruel Mother, A Wonderful Little Girl: The True Story of Sarah Jacob, the Welsh Fasting Girl, Boudicca. She was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago.

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Sian, the beloved wife of Robert Peston, an Université Libre de Bruxelles graduate and business editor for BBC, who she met since she was 15, when she was at school and was close to his sister.

“Robert was in the year above and, although I always thought he was dishy, he never paid any attention to me until we were at university.”

Sian first dated him when they were in different colleges, Sian at Sussex studying English and he at Oxford, they split up when Mr. Peston left to Brussels, while Sian remained in London and made arts television programmes.

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Sian who continued to be friend with his sister Juliet Peston was visiting at her home when she was injured in a horrible accident (Juliet was riding her bike when a car smashed into her), Juliet was  suffering from memory loss; it was there that she saw Mr. Peston once again.

‘I started going to see her with photographs to talk about our school days and help her piece her memory back together.

‘Robert was often there at the same time, but I was feeling so low that I didn’t think he – so handsome, so successful – could possibly be interested in me.’

That was in the mid 90’s, she was already divorce (her first husband was a Dutch film-maker Kees Ryninks) and raising her son Simon Ryninks.

Kees Ryninks Sian Busby first husband

They rekindle their relationship in 1995 and in May 9th, 1998 Sian got married to Robert Peston. The couple had a son Max Peston.

You can find Sian Busby on Twitter here.

Robert Peston wife Sian Busby

25-year-old Simon graduated from  the university of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk and is an artistic director at RETZ and he is the co-funder at The Unthank Alliance along Dino Dimopoulos.  Unthink Alliance was created in 2009 dedicated to write, produce, shoot and direct short films and music videos. Her youngest son 15-year-old Max is still in high school and is into music.

Mrs. Busby passed away on September 5th, 2012 at a hospice surrounded by her beloved family. Our thoughts ad prayers go out to them throughout this sad time.

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