November 23, 2020

Rapper Bow Wow Engaged To Singer Erica Mena!

Rapper Bow Wow, 27 is engaged to his girlfriend of six months, Erica Mena also 27. Bow Wow whose real name is Shad Moss, met Mena when she made a guest appearance on his show on BET ‘106 & Park’._bling-article

Mena is currently the star of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, New York. Mena first made the engagement public this past Saturday in Atlanta at the BET awards show. She let it slip that she is now the finance of Bow Wow. Bow Wow took to his social media account on Instagram and thanked all his fans for their love and support, and showed a picture of the giant engagement ring. Fans and spectators a like were fast to chime in on the fate of these two. Some have said that only last season, Mena said that she was gay and only interested in women. Some have also called her out on her many marriages that she has had. Other nay- sayers are publicly saying they think the two will break up before ever walking down an aisle. There are all kinds of confirmed and unconfirmed factoids out there about Mena. She seems to attract a lot of attention from her sometimes salacious behavior. What can be confirmed is that Mena has a son named King, from her husband Raul Conde. It is unclear at this point whether the two are legally divorced. Conde, is a good friend of both Scott Disick and his pregnant girlfriend, reality TV star Kourntey Kardashian. He and Mena have both appeared on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Mena and Conde have been involved in very public mud slinging back and forth regarding the custody and care of King. Mena says she has 100% custody of him, while Conde says a gay neighbor of Mena’s watches the child most of the time. Mena was involved in an affair with a married radio and TV personalty DJ Envy. Mena has said she didn’t know Envy was married when she first met him. Mena had a very public relationship with model Cyn Santana. Bow Wow started to record music at the age of 13, shortly after famed rapper Snoop Dog saw him perform and gave him the professional name of Bow Wow. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He got his big break when the former boyfriend of Janet Jackson, music producer Jermaine Dupri took Moss under his wing and shaped his career. His first album was released in 2000 when he was 13, the tile of which was “Beware of the Dog”. That album came out under his first stage name Lil Bow Wow. He would later drop the Lil from his name when according to him the “Lil didn’t fit anymore.” He officially changed his stage name to Bow Wow in 2002. Bow Wow was living with his mother in the Atlanta area, where she owns a clothing store. Bow Wow has publicly acknowledged that he has a daughter Shai Moss now 3, with his former girlfriend model Joie Chavis. She lives with her mother in Atlanta.


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