November 28, 2020

RedFoo is Victoria Azarenka’s boyfriend (photos, wiki, bio)

Do you know who RedFoo is? RedFoo is LMFAO singer, but more importantly, he is the current boyfriend of world’s number one female tennis player Victoria Azarenka. It was first during the US Open 2012 that RedFoo aka Stefan Kendal Gordy was first spotted on the tennis circuit cheering for his love Victoria. He has since been trotting the globe, watching her love in action on the tennis courts and he was also there during the Australian Open. This is not all as the two lovebirds have also been spotted together at the beaches and playing basketball also. RedFoo was alongside Azarenka when she went to Thailand to attend an exhibition on tennis and he was also there with here in Los Angeles when the tennis star was partying.

RedFoo is Victoria Azarenka's boyfriend

Interestingly, RedFoo refused to divulge the name of his ladylove recently in front of press reporters though he did admit that he was in love. He did drop a hint by saying that he has found a special one, a number one at that. Victoria Azarenka is known in Women’s tennis for her loud shriek, and RedFoo plans to make use of this shriek in an upcoming recording of a song.

RedFoo is Victoria Azarenka's boyfriend 2

Though the couple might look odd to some with Victoria already at the helm of her career having gained the number one ranking in female tennis, RedFoo is no pushover with his band LMFAO being very successful of late. If you have been listening to radio over the past one year, it is hard not to have heard many songs of this famous band.

RedFoo is Victoria Azarenka's boyfriend 3

The two lovebirds seem to have quite a bit of influence over each other. Differences apart, the two lovebirds seem to be quite happy at present enjoying each other’s company.

photo: business insider