January 22, 2021

Rich Orosco Is Dexter Julie Benz Husband

Julie Benz became Michael C. Hall’s love interest in the television series Dexter but in real live Julie’s  is the love interest of her husband Rich Orosco

Rich Orosco

40 year-old actress Julie Benz portrayed Rita Bennett in Dexter, sadly she was brutally murder last season, which gave her just enough time to starred as Stephanie Powell in the science fiction drama No Ordinary Family. these days Julie is starring as a housewife, but no in desperate housewife, but a real wife of her new hubby Rich Orosco.

Rich and Julie got married this Saturday May 5th at John Sowden house in Los Feliz, the wedding with a Mexican theme in honor of the date and Rich’s Latin roots.

Rich Orosco’s biography, the 39 year-old entertainment marketing executive and manager got his BA in marketing and international business in 1995 from the University of Texas at Austin, in 2000 he served as Executive director at CBS Paramount Television responsible for managing Entertainment Tonight and the Insider, after his departure in 2006 he was named Vice president of marketing at Warner Bros where he was in charge with all the marketing operations of shows like TMZ, the Ellen Degeneres and Tyra Banks Show, Extra to name a few.

In between those years he became partner at the Entertainment management company B360 Studios along James Chantler Brown and Ray Doustdar. On September 2010 he  became General Manager at Los Angeles Matadors a boxing  league

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