March 6, 2021

Seraphim Ward is Marilyn Manson Wannabe Fiancee

Meet Seraphim Ward, she is the rock vixen dark films actress and director who allegedly claimed she was engaged to singer Marilyn Mason, the engagement was a fake story fabricated by Ward’s ex publicist Jonathan Jaxson, the fake engagement upset Manson and ended Ward’s relationship with her boyfriend Madonna Way Tracy aka Pogo Stephen Bier.

Seraphim Ward Marilyn Manson pics

Seraphim Ward’s current publicist talked to RumorFix and he said it was Jonathan Jaxson who spread the fake engagement story between Ward and Marilyn Manson. However Manson’s lawyers are suing Ward and demand an apology. The false engagement crap spread by Jonathan Shelton Jaxson didn’t just affected Manson but also Seraphim’s relationship with Manson’s former keyboardist Pogo Stephen Bier Madonna Wayne Gacy, the eventually split up.

Creole Descent Seraphim Ward born on June 15th, 1984, she suffered from a severe speech disorder that affected throughout her childhood and teenage years, she runaway from he home by the time she was fifteen.

Eventually she came back home, but just for while, Seraphim who has passionate about literature and used writing to express her emotions in her darkest days, realized her life was not at home and she need to find where she belonged.

The quest took her to the streets in Hollywood, where she eventually met one of her idols Trent Reznor, former lead singer for Nine Inch Nails, who she dated for sometime. Reznor offered her to help in the music industry, but she was not confortable using his connections to push her into stardom, nor was she sure singing was what she wanted.

Instead she look up to Rob Zombie and the way he has  taken his talent to the big screen, so she got into film school. After she finished film school she began to write, direct and act under her own company “r Sin Icon Productions Film and Music company”, where she also released her first album “Time Heals All wounds” album “Bad Behavior” plus “The Sight”, “Reaper’s Cry”, “Angel One Eye”, and “The Witches Brew, this year keep an eye con Seraphim Ward and her films Angel’s Eye and Speed Dragon.

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  1. Yolanda, Yo Lying! lol. this is the biggest thing to ever happen in her career. she put out her first cd in 2004 and it went no where. her cd last year didnt sell either. so since april she has been crying to the press about this false rumor as if anyone would care. she is the one who keeps sending out press releases and trying to do interviews about all this, not manson.

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