September 20, 2020

Shameika Brailsford is Pittsburg Steelers Antonio Brown Baby Mama

Young Antonio Brown has been accuse by his baby mama, a woman identified as Shameika Brailsford, but what is she accusing him of? Who is this Shameika?

Antonio Brown Shameika Brailsford pic

23 year-old Antonio Brown from Florida, this young wide receiver studied at Central Michigan College until he was drafted by the Steelers during the 2010 NFL Draft that same year he was  named team MVP, but today he is in the midst of a legal trouble with Ms. Brailsford the mother of his 4 year-old son Antonio.

According to media 21 year-old Shameika from Miami, Fl said  her son was taken from her Miami home by Brown without her consent, she hasn’t seen him or contacted him for months, she is asking for an emergency child pick-up order to bring little Antonio back to Florida.

But Brown’s lawyer has a different story from the one Shameika is telling us, he said Brailsford knew her son was going with  his father, everything was done with her consent..

“None of that is true. The mother consented to the child living with Mr. Brown back in February. The mother obviously knew where the child was the entire time and, in fact, Mr. Brown recently arranged for the mother to visit with the child in Pittsburgh. This is nothing more than a classic attempt to shake down a professional athlete for money.”

Antonio Brown Shameika Brailsford son Antonio JrAntonio Brown Shameika Brailsford son Antonio Jr pic


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