October 28, 2020

Shauna Magunda is Bolton Wanderers Fabrice Muamba Girlfriend

Shauna Magunda is Bolton Wanderers midfielders Fabrice Muamba’s girlfriend, who remains critically ill at London Chest Hospital, after he suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed of the field on Saturday March 17th against Tottenham.

Shauna Magunda  Fabrice Muamba girlfriend picture

23 year-old Fabrice Muamba from Zaire is Bolton Wanderers midfielder, he began his career with Arsenal when he was 12, made  his debut at 14. Muamba arrived in the UK in 1999 when he was 11, his father fled the country five years earlier and was granted infinite leave to remain until later. In 2006 Muama  joined Birmingham City and two years later Bolton Wanderers.

As for his beautiful girlfriend, fiancée and mother of their adorable son, Shauna Magunda we can tell you that she was born in Leamington Spa,  to Caribbean/ African parents, at age 8  Shauna and her family relocated to Denbigh, Clarendon in Jamaica where she grew up falling in love with Jamaican Cuisine especially since her grandmother was an awarded chef.

When Shauna was 18 she moved back to the UK where she enrolled at Birmingham City University, she got  her BA honors and a Masters in Media Enterprise, during that same time she met her soul mate Fabrice Muamba. Ms. Magunda welcome her son Joshua who is now an adorable healthy three year-old boy, Muamba and Shauna got engaged on Valentine’s Day. Shauna continues to created delicious dishes, she Shauna Muamba Fine Jamaican Cuisine

She rushed to her beloved Muamba’s side at the hospital, where she remains and pleads Bolton’ fans to pray for Muamba!


8hShauna MuambaShauna Muamba ? @ShaunaMuamba

2 everyone out there thank u so much for all the love and support collectively as a family we appreciate it all. Plz continue 2 pray 4 fab x.

Fabrice WILL!! Pull through because God is good. Love u so much@fmuamba keep strong we’re praying for u honey xx

14hShauna MuambaShauna Muamba ? @ShaunaMuamba

For all your messages of love thank u so much. Where there is life there is hope xx


21hShauna MuambaShauna Muamba ? @ShaunaMuamba

Please keep praying for @fmuamba its really helping I can feel it xx


18 MarShauna MuambaShauna Muamba ? @ShaunaMuamba

God is in control. Please keep @fmuamba in ur prayers xx

We joined Shauna Magunda in her prayer for  Muamba full recovery, You can send your message, to Muamba and Shauna in the comment box below


Shauna Magunda is no longer Fabrice Muamba’s girlfriend, but his wife, that’s right the lovely couple had the happy ending they were hoping to have.

‘This year has been a difficult one but, to me, marriage is the happy ending.’

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10 thoughts on “Shauna Magunda is Bolton Wanderers Fabrice Muamba Girlfriend

  1. Hope you pull through this safely Fabrice, may allah help you and give you strenght to go back to your family and friends quickly.

  2. Pray that Fabrice Muamba’s health is ok! Pray for his future wife and a son too. Hopefully he get 100% recovery back to normal health to play “Football” again. 🙂

  3. God good. Who Jah bless no man curse! The power of the Almighty came to the fore. Get well soon Mr Muamba. My thoughts are with you down here in Zimbabwe, Africa!!

  4. Fabrics maumba u are tu big to collapse pls stand up nd go back to ur work,dey ar waiting 4 u,fabrics will luv u but god love u most,u ar blessed

  5. God is good and very faithful continue to pray always. That’s why he can stand with you. Be healed quickly

  6. I watched the game the day u slumped.I have prayed everyday for ur recovery. The same God that woke you up after those long hours of your trauma will keep u alive to complete ur purpose on earth.

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