October 22, 2020

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs Live in So Small House! (PHOTOS)

Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve job’s wife with the networth of $10.7 Billion, has become the Silicon Valley’s wealthiest woman. What’s the house of Steve and Laurne like? Its hard to believe that a billionaire like Steve Jobs and his family numbers lived in so small house! Though Steve has passed, his wife Laurene Powell Jobs still lives here. How to Buy Property with No Money and Bad Credit


Steve jobs purchased the Palo Alto home back in mid 90th, after he married Lauren Powell. They lived in the house for about 20 years when Steve was the second stint in Apple and created famous products as iPhone, iPad, iMac and iPod.

Steve jobs and his wife Laurene Powell Jobs lived in a modest house, surrounded by modest neighborhoods. He seems not like boasting himself of the fancy mansions or his wealth, rather than the normal life. Maybe that’s what influenced by the local Hare Krishna mandir and by the spiritual believes when traveling to India.

So Steve and Laurene chose a house with no privacy walls, but you can see the pretty little decoratives on the outside walls, maybe that’s the style of him. It’s even said at first Steve even didn’t bother to lock his house when leaving home.

steve jobs house 3

Their house is so small that when a burglar (35-year-old Kariem McFarlin) broked into their house on July 17 2012, he even didn’t realized that it was Steve Jobs’ house! He was later arrested and charged for stolen and selling computers and personal items of property of $60,000 worth of money.

steve house 2

laurene powell jobs house

steve job house