March 5, 2021

Suzanne Le- UFC Cung Le’s Wife

UFC is certainly famous for  their amazing fighter and ring girls, but there are also some beauties in the stands, these are the sexy wives and girlfriend of these MMA fighters and last night we bumped in one of these stunning women, Cung Le’s wife Suzanne Le

Suzanne Le Cung Le wife pics

On the last bout at UFC Macau Cung Le knocked Rich Franklin down, so sad for Berh Franlin but Le’s wife Suzanne was ecstatic to see her husband’s lucky punch giving him the win during the first round, his next opponent will be Yushin Okami at UFC 158 on March 30.

Cung has been married twice, his first wife was Patricia mother of this two older sons and his second wife is Suzanne Le.

This sexy blonde has been married to the Vietnamese fighter for three years they welcomed their son Robert on June, 2010

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Suzanne Le Cung Le wifeSuzanne Le Cung Le wife picsSuzanne Le Cung Le wife picture

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