February 26, 2021

Thandi Ojeer Is Claude Makelele Girlfriend

Meet Thandi Ojeer she is the estranged girlfriend of retired soccer ace Claude Makelele, Ms. Ojeer is also accusing clause of domestic violence, but he denied these allegations and said she  was the one who hit him, who is telling the truth? Who really is Thandi Ojeer?

Thandi Ojeer Claude Makele girlfriend photos

39 year-old  soccer star Claude Makelele from Zaire, he was just a child when he moved to France. following his father’s steps he too became a soccer player. by the time he was 19 he was a defensive midfielder with Nantes. In 1997 he signed with Marseille, over then years later he moved with Celta Vigo and with Real Madrid in 2000.

Chelsea welcomed him into their squad in 2003 and ended his career as a soccer player with Paris Saint- Germain, the team that still counts him in, but today as an assistant coach for the great Carlo Angelotti. His personal life has raised eyes brown more that he wanted to, probably you remember he once dated model Noemie Lenoir, mother of his son Kelyan now age 7, Noemie was found unresponsive at a park after she ingested large amounts of drugs and alcohol in 2010, it was rumored she tried to kill herself after Clause rejected her. Besides Kelyan Makele is the father of 9 year-old Shana.

In 2010 British media reported about the incident between the assistant coach and his girlfriend Thandi Ojeer  that occurred at his home in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, at that time it was said he hit her after she grabbed him by the neck, witnesses said  that the couple dated for two years, they had been having a tumultuous relationship around the time the domestic assault happened..

An outside gate had been left open, so she just walked in to confront him. According to Makelele, she grabbed him by the neck and caused him some nasty scratches.” The same source said he hit her pretty badly in self defense but he  ended up with severe jaws injuries..

Thandi Ojeer Claude Makele girlfriend picsThandi Ojeer Claude Makele girlfriend-pictures

“She was rushed to the Andre-Mignot hospital in Chesnay where doctors said she would be off work for at least four days.”

as investigations began police detectives at LaCelle-Saint Cloud Station said Claude filed a report against her, he said quoting that Thandi trespassed his property and attacked him scratching his neck, but things happened in a total different way said Ojeer and her attorneys..

Thandi went to Claude’s home to collect her stuff and other personal items, when he allegedly punched her in the jaw, left her with a loosen tooth, jaw injuries and extremely traumatized.

“She is quite traumatised, and had a tooth loosened, but she’s faced with complete denial [from Makelele]”.

“She was not well known (before the incident) and because she was working as an events organiser this was detrimental to her [career]”.

35 year-old Thandi Ojeer is British events organizer is seeking £70,000 in compensation, a friend of Thandi said during the first moths he began to date Ojeer, he would showered her with gifts, things turned sour when Noemie began to show up.

“In the first 12 months with Thandi he showered her with gifts and holidays. The relationship soured after a year when Noemie came back. Thandi would come to Paris and wouldn’t want to stay with him.”

“Thandi wanted to move out and take her possessions from the house they were sharing and start her life again. It was an emotional split.”

While Thandi was dating Makele, girls reached to her via Facebook and told her they were sleeping with him, He previously admitted  being unfaithful to Lenoir in the past.

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