March 4, 2021

Thomas Davis’ Wife Kelly Davis, 5 Things You Should Know About Her

Kelly Davis is now raising four children with her husband Thomas Davis, the Carolina Panthers’ outside linebacker. Being married to such famous sportsman has put this lovely woman under the spotlight. If you’re one of those people who feel a little curious about Kelly Davis, here are 5 interesting about her that you might want to know:

1. Kelly has a daughter named Skyy from her previous relationship before she met Thomas Davis. Thomas also has a child from his previous relationship named Denim. After Kelly and Thomas have two kids from their marriage, so now they are raising four kids together.

2. When she met Thomas, Kelly was still in school. She went to Winthrop University while working at Applebee’s.

3. She met Thomas for the first time in Charlotte, North Carolina at a brewery. That time she was just hanging out with her friends when they met with Tampa Bay Bucks’ Javon Haye who happened to be there with Thomas Davis. Javon asked Thomas to join and he immediately felt a chemistry with Kelly.

4. Kelly was pregnant before she and Thomas got married when she was still attending college. Even though Thomas hasn’t proposed yet, they knew that they will be married someday. When she finally graduated from college, Thomas couldn’t make it to the graduation ceremony because he had to attend a training camp, but Thomas gave her family a camera so they can record the occasion for him.

5. Thomas proposed to her shortly after graduation in a party at his house to celebrate Kelly’s graduation. She thought Thomas was going to play a prank when he asked her and everyone else to gather in the living room, but then he gave her a 7-carat diamond ring and asked her to marry him.

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