October 26, 2020

TMZ Founder Jim Paratore’s Wife Jill Wickert

The world of entertainment has loss a great, talented and kind man,  a dear friend, beloved husband and caring father, Jim Paratore responsible for the success of TMZ as well as the man who gave Ellen DeGeneres her big break when nobody else did. Mr. Paratore is survived  by his beautiful wife Jill Wickert and their daughter Martinique Paratore

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TMZ, the network co-created by Mr. Paratore along Harvey Levin reported today about  the sad death of Jim who was also President of Telepictures..

Jim Paratore — the man who founded TMZ and created a slew of hit shows including “Ellen” and “Rosie” — died of an apparent heart attack Tuesday during a bike trip in France.

Jim is survived by his wife, Jill Wickert, and his daughter, Martinique Paratore.
Everyone at TMZ was touched by Jim’s brilliance and the loss is great and painful.

54 year-old Jim Paratore was happily married to  his wife 60 year-old Jill Wickert born on April, 1952 in Wisconsin, owner of the wholesale clothing store  Jilian Inc. Jill’s stepdaughter is 34 year-old Martinique Paratore born in Manhattan Beach, California but currently residing in Frisco where she works at Revision3. Jill’s Facebook page is here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them ,during this sad time.

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