November 24, 2020

Torrei Hart Is Comedian Kevin Hart Wife

Meet Torrei Hart she is the estranged wife soon to be ex-wife of  actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who filed for divorced after almost nine years of marriage,. Want to know more about Torrie? Have a closer look..

Kevin Hart wife Torrie Hart

First we get to the missus, we are going to take a quick look at 33 year-old Kevin, born in Philadelphia. He has starred in 40 Year Old Virgin, Soul Train, Fool’s Gold, Drillbit Taylor, Little Fockers, Exit Strategy, last year he made a little appearance at the television show Modern Family, next year he will be in the 5th part of Scary Movie.

Kevin got married to Torrie Lorin Hart in 2003 (although other reports stated that Torrie tied the knot in 1999), two years in March later she gave birth to their daughter Heaven Leigh, and on February, 2008 their son Hendrix was born. Sadly Torrie and her famous hubby separated in 2010. Recently Torrie was in court during the hearing for her divorce with her soon ex-hubby who is been represented by attorney Debra Opri (yeap,  the same 51 year-old attorney who represented Joseph Jackson, James Brown, Pamela Back Hasselhoff and we sure remember her as the lawyer in the Larry Birkhead’s case fighting for the paternity rights of his and Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannilynn).

According to Radar OnLine Torrie was told she should pay for Opri’s fees, she got  furious and allegedly  attempted to assault Opri,

“At the conclusion of the hearing in which the judge ordered Torrei to pay Debra Opri’s legal fees for a filing motion Torrei was absolutely livid that she had been ordered to pay a portion of Kevin’s legal fees, and she lunged at Debra Opri, who was in the hallway at this point. Several sheriff’s deputies had to restrain Torrei and separated the two. Torrei said that Opri was a ‘b*tch,’ and Opri was shaken up after the incident. Torrei wasn’t arrested,”

For Torrie this is the ultimate joke by media..

1h Torrei Hart Torrei Hart ? @Torrei_Hart

These blogs are so full of crap. If I tried to hit someone I would be in jail not tweeting @bossip

1h Torrei Hart Torrei Hart ? @Torrei_Hart

People love drama. It’s pretty sad. Get a life. #okbye

1h Torrei Hart Torrei Hart ? @Torrei_Hart

@Charliered23 @jbo_atl people love drama. They believe anything.

Like her former flame Torrie Hart is a stand-up comedian in the video below you’ll find her having a laugh at Hart’s expense.

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