October 19, 2020

Vicky Karayiannis Is Chris Cornell’s Wife

Meet Vicky Karayiannis she is Chris Cornell’s wife who is being sued by Elia Mora the cleaning lady, but wouldn’t you like to know more about Cornell’s wife Vicky?

Vicky Karayiannis cornell Chris Cornell Wife_pic

Before we get started on Vicky Karayiannis’s biography let’s hear the dirt on why she heading to court and who is this Elia Mora?

According to TMZ Elia Mora was hired by Karayiannis in 2006 to clean their house, during that time Mora said she worked 43 hours/ week, never got an overtime, her 30 minute lunch break, always interrupted and same with her 10 minute rest period, but even so she worked there until the day after Christmas of 2011 when she cleaned Chris and Vicky’s home and went to hers, but when Vicky called her that same day to  come back and do some more work, she refused. Elia said that Vicky went nuts, berating her with a barrage of insults and then firing her.

Vicky Cornell cleaning lady Elia Mora

Probable photo of Mora with Christopher

Many of you who are fans of Chris Cornell and his musical career are familiar with his second wife Vicky, but for those who are not, let me tell you that Vicky Karayiannis or Vicky Cornell and his talented husband.

48-year-old Chris Cornell whose real name is Christopher John Boyle born in Seattle to Ed Boyle and Karen Cornell. Chris has five siblings his beautiful sisters Katy, Maggie, Suzy and brothers Patrick and Peter.

Cornell funded Soundgarden in 1984 with Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto. Matt Cameron and later drummer Scott Sundquist, the band split up in 1997 and Cornel began his solo career. In 1999 he released Euphoria Morning, but by 2001 he was the lead singer at Audioslave with Rage Against The Machine’s remaining members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, Cornelll left in 2007. That same year Carry On his second solo album was released.

Soundgarden reunited on January, 2010, King Animal their new album will be on sale next month (November 13).

Chris first wife was Susan Silver she was manager for Soundgarden as well as she was for Alice In Chains, they got married on March 20, 1990, the couple only daughter Lillian Jean Cornell was born on June 28, 2000, Silver and Cornell got divorce on March 2004.

Susan Silver Chris Cornell first wife picSusan Silver Chris Cornell first wife

He was still  with Audioslave that  while on  a tour in France he met his second wife Vicky Karayiannis, Vicky a publicist who was living in France by that time was born in the US she comes from a Greek family with restaurateurs and musical roots, after all her brother is 37-year-old Nicholas Karayiannis also known as DJ Nick Blast who is also Chris and Vicky partner at their Paris restaurant “Black Calavados

Black Calavador chris Cornell nick Blast Vicky KarayiannisNicholas Karayiannis Nick Blast Vicky Karayiannis brother

Vicky Karayiannnis who is Vicky Cornell on her Twitter Page got married to the famous singer on May, 2004, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Toni on September 18, 2004 and adorable baby boy Christopher Nicholas on December 5, 2005.

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Vicky Karayiannis Cornell Video

26 thoughts on “Vicky Karayiannis Is Chris Cornell’s Wife

  1. Vicky is so fffugly,I wonder what Cornell see’s in her? I hear she is a royal B#TCH too. At least that is the talk i hear around people who know her. I knew Chris back in the day and he was a really cool guy. i don’t get why he would be with this woman!

  2. I agree with you Jamman. I heard it was because she got pregnant. Friends knew the family in NY and said that it was their goal to get the daughter married off to someone who was rich and famous enter Chris. I do not get what he sees in anyone in that family including his wife. Both mother and daughter come off like gold digging selfish women who shop and gossip while Chris looks like he shops in a thrift store and his life is about his kids and his music. He seems to love the outdoors and is very into charities and causes. I hope he will meet someone else and ditch this miserable woman who never smiles and find someone who is more like his first wife. I am sure if this wife never got pregnant ( on purpose I am sure) he would not have married her.

  3. She got an greek evil face, she stands in the spotlight not chris. I think he got nothing to say at home, she is the man 😀 Ugly women, and both kids are too small for the age..

    sorry, i am a man..these women cant make me hot ..sorry for my bad english!

  4. Vicky was my best friend in high school and I can confirm that it WAS she and her mother’s goal to marry someone rich and famous. From the time she was 14, Vicky’s mother (Toni) was schooling her in the art of seduction and was basically pimping her out to older men for training and in exchange for lavish “gifts (e.g. a rolex, a cartier watch etc…)

  5. I agree with all of you,Cornell seems to be under her spell and i can’t understand why! She isn’t anything to look at so you would hope she would at least have a nice reputation for being a good hearted person. The dudes from audioslave can’t stand her so that says alot. she is easy to figure out, she had those kids as soon as she could knowing that would keep cornell invested for a while. I think he should lose this hag!

  6. I think eventually he will get tired of carrying her shopping bags and purse.

    I am sure Chris could do much better and eventually he will.

  7. SOOO agreee with every post here exept who is callin who a c*nt? WTF? Anyhow back on topic, I dig Chris cornell so much man. i listened to all of his music growing up. i am a guy and do not think vicky is hot at all, like she is a total bowwow. i take that back, my dog is way cuter than this old witch. She reminds me of that wicked old witch from the wizard of oz! UUUUGGGGGG>>>> Cmom Chris, you can do better!!!!

  8. What an ugly nut job that Vicky chick is. She seems like she controls my man Chris. He needs to dump that broad asap!

  9. Have recently had direct dealings with her and she is a nut job who does not pay her bills (albeit with her husband’s money. She calls all the shots in that relationship – including financially.

  10. Wow, I thought i was the only one who could not stand Vicky! So glad i am not off base with my impresssion of her.I find her repulsive to look at and she is such a controlling bitch! I can not believe Chris Cornell is with such a materialistic woman, he is the polar opposite. She is just ugly!

  11. Oh yeah.Vicky is one of the most self-centered, high maintenance b**ches I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. There is nothing pleasant about her. I’m not sure what Chris sees in her, it can’t be looks.

  12. FYI none of the guys from Audioslave were invited to their wedding cause Vicky didn’t wan’t them there !

  13. One time i ran into Chris and his b*** wife Vicky and having been a loyal follower of Chris’ music, I asked for his autograph. Well Chris seemed more than happy to do so and as we approached each other Vicky swung him around and said,”COME ON”and dragged him away from me and was giving him hell about something. he looked like a child being punished by his mom or something. I think he was mortified. i don’t blame Chris at all. But I will never forget how rude she was and how she ruined what would have been a nice moment for me. I am in agreement that Vicky Kariannias is a controlling evil witch!

  14. OO, Chris Cornell got himself an evil wife. She is ugly man, ay que fea! I coudn’t even believe it when I saw the pctures of them. Everyone said Vicky was a bitch, so i just had to see what she looked like and man she is really ugly. She don’t do nothing for me. I bet Chris has other chicks on the side. i would have to if that was my wife. She is nasty looking.

  15. Ay Dios Mio! This is a trip man, readin all of this about Chris’ wife.Vicky Karayannias. Can you believe he would be with such an ugly person? he is like a rock God man. i don’t even get this at all. I always thought she was a bitch, and after reading about all her temper tantrums on planes and throwin stuff at people and the whole thing with the maid suing her for screaming and throwing a fit or whatever man i am convinced! Sorry for my english is a bit bad but i gotta say i don’t like Vicky for Chris either!

  16. For the record, I am 22, and happily married to my own rock star so i have nothing to be “jealous” about! I think most of the posts here are not jealous either, if anything it is just the opposite. We all have an affinity for Chris Cornell and really think that Vicky is doing more harm than good to his image and everything in general in Chris’ life. She is not a good person and we want Chris to be with a beautiful person. Beautiful inside and out. Vicky only has shown that she is shallow and very rude and trying to alienate Chris’ old friends from himc… etc…. So when people refer to her as ugly it could be that all these negatve aspects of her make her ugly. if you go to ANY post about those two Vicky is always mentioned in a very negative way. We can’t all be wrong and we are most definately not jealous of Vicky, We have all seen her picture!

  17. Ooooh, ARI, a REAL rockstar, well then I suppose you just very well DO know what you are talking about. And to think, I would have presumed you to be more of a nobody, drifting aimless thoughout fan pages and living vicariously through others lives. Actually, yes, its true. Perhaps if your rockstar a was more exciting aspect of your life, you would be less inclined to medel in Chris Cornell’s life. But Idk. I’m just an innocent stumbler into this fan page thing cause I wanted to know something unrelated. But while we’re on the subject, did it occur to you that maybe most people are shallow and sheep-like, and desire to make Vicky the the outcast in your sheep’s gossip corner? Because you seem to forget, it’s Chris Cornell we are discussing, and I’m sure he’s man enough to be with precicely the woman of his choosing. Besides, nobody here is his mommy, and so I’m positive that only HE knows what is best for himself and his career! I called ya’ll jealous, not over any physicallities, but jealous of their happiness together. Needless to say, the woman is NOT horribly unattractive. I think she’s quite pretty, and she does smile often, as does he. Do you suppose that might indicate that you are wrong, and being just a little petty, superficial, and yourself, shallow, even a little spiteful, ARI? Not that it would really make any difference to the Cornell family, what you think, that is.

  18. She must have something going for her? I totally see what you’re all saying, she is quite striking but not traditionally beautiful. I believe that it doesn’t matter what you look like, if you have a good heart and a beautiful soul then that inner beauty will usually shine through.She just doesn’t seem to have that sparkle. Anyway, he obviously sees it, whatever it may be. 🙂 Hopefully we are all wrong and she is really nice to him, because that, at the end of the day, is all that matters!

  19. she is the reason I stopped buying his music although she is his manager and I think he needs someone who can take care of his business but I think she’s older than him and uses vast sums of money to make her look more youthful

  20. As a Chris Cornell fan, it is not nice to Vicky or Chris to talk bad about Vicky. And it sounds like most of the comments aren’t based on any substance. I wanted to share a very nice chance meeting I had with Vicky. I was at a Cornell meet & greet at a Verizon store in Torrance while he was on his Timbaland tour. I had waited for a while with my young daughter but had to leave before meeting Chris because she was over tired. On my way out I saw Vicky in the crowd and introduced myself as a fan of her husbands. I told her I was leaving and asked if she could give a small gift to Chris that I had brought. She had never met me before, but saw how disappointed I was and how tired my daughter was and told me to wait. She said she’d get me to meet Chris. I was in shock. I ended up having an intimate meet & greet in the store with the two of them. I got pictures, spoke to Chris and got his autograph. I’ll never forget that act of kindness from her. She had nothing to gain from that. She showed she has a big heart. Chris must see that as well. Please stop hating on people. Life is too short. Please spread positive comments instead. Peace.

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