October 24, 2020

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s New Girlfriend? (PHOTOS)

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe has been spotted wit two different girls over the past months, it seems that Daniel and Rosie Coker have officially broken up, but who is this sexy mysterious brunette he was seen last week in Chelsea?

Daniel Radcliffe Azteca Latin Lounge mystery girl photo

23-year-old Daniel Radcliffe began dating 23-year-old Roseanne Coker aka Rosie Coker in 2010, a pretty girl from Surrey he met in 2007 while he starred in the Harry Potter films where Coker was among the crew.

Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend Rosie Coker August 2012 photoDaniel Radcliffe girlfriend Rosie Coker August 2012Rosie Coker Daniel Radcliffe photo

You can read Rosie Coker’s biography here

He talked about how good Rosie is, maybe a little too good for him during a January interview at Heat Magazine

‘Rosie’s lovely. She’s a wonderful, wonderful girl, who’s far too good for me.

‘I find myself constantly going, “S**t, you don’t know what you’re in for yet. ‘We’ve just been away for a few days and I went straight home, while she had to go to her parents’.

‘I got a call from her at lunchtime when she’d just arrived at our house and she goes, “OK. Just going to start by saying you’re a disgusting human being. I was like, “Why?”, knowing full well what I’d done. The place had been spotless and I came home and exploded. Everything went everywhere.

‘But it’s not just the messy stuff; she’s incredibly tolerant of me. I have a very busy personality.’

Rumors about a possible breakup between Daniel and Rosie began a few months ago, since they have not been seen together for a while and things got a bit crazy when he was seen arm in arm with a mystery brunette, his rep said the girl is just a friend, and she sure was, that girl was fellow Harry Potter actress Isabella Laughland. She starred as Leanne in Harry Potter the Half Blooded Prince and The Deadly Hallows part I and II.

Daniel Radcliffe friend Isabella laughlandDaniel Radcliffe actress Isabella laughland photoDaniel Radcliffe actress Isabella laughland

I bet breakup rumors won’t go away after the photos of Daniel with a mystery brunette released this week, It seemed the pair looked very cozy when they left the Azteca Latin Lounge in Chelsea last weekend.

Daniel Radcliffe Azteca Latin Lounge girlfriendDaniel Radcliffe Azteca Latin Lounge mystery girl photoDaniel Radcliffe Azteca Latin Lounge new girlfriend august 2012

The Daily Star commented about tis girl’s behavior when she spotted the photographers..

“She initially did everything she could not to be seen with Daniel but she probably realized there wasn’t much point in trying to hide.

“She then went to the other extreme and linked arms – making it look like they’re a couple. Daniel looked really relaxed and happy with her – it was obvious they’d had a nice evening together.

“Anyone who didn’t know he had a girlfriend might have thought it was a date.”

Ok so far British media still think of Rosie as Daniel’s girlfriend, I just hope this girl, whose name still has not been released is just a friend, who enjoyed her 10 seconds of fame  and not that Daniel pulled out a Rupert Sanders or Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend Ben Maisani, who was also seen spotted kissing another guy that was not Cooper at the park.

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