March 4, 2021

Who is Josh Peck’s Girlfriend in Hawaii?

Josh and Drake actor Josh Peck was spotted in Hawaii showing off his sexy, slim body and his beautiful girlfriend, but who is she? what is the name of Josh Peck’s Girlfriend? Could it be Paige O’Brien?

Josh Peck girlfriend 2012

25-year-old Josh Peck became famous for the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake and Josh, by that time he was 18 and his weight well.. let’s just said he was a bit overweight but that changed by 2007 when he showed off his slimmer figure and the girls couldn’t get enough of Josh.

Sadly Josh Peck seems to be off the market, a recent bunch of photos of him in Hawaii locking lips with a beautiful young blonde girl have been released by media and so far no name of the mysterious blond has been revealed, so who is the lucky girl dating Mr. Peck?

We did a little research and came up with one probable name Paige O’Brien from Manhattan Beach. Paige’s Twitter page is protected, but she is among the people Peck follows on Twitter

Josh Peck Twitter Paige O'Brien

And well we think that she looks a lot like the girl in Hawaii with Josh, so what do you think?

Paige O'Brien Josh Peck                        Josh Peck girlfriend Maui Hawaii

This is Paige O’Brien and…………………           This is Josh Peck’s GF in Maui

More pics of josh and his girlfriend were posted online..

Josh Peck girlfriend photosJosh Peck girlfriend pictureJosh Peck girlfriend picsJosh Peck girlfriend photoJosh Peck girlfriend pic

So if is not Paige O’Brien then who is she? by the way do you think this Paige is one of former New York Jets quarterback ken O’Brien’s daughter? one of his daughters, Taylor O’Brien studied at Santa Clara University on  her profile it said she has one brother Kelly and sisters Blake and Paige.

If we are on the right direction then on the photos posted on Taylor’s Facebook page is the picture of her entire family Paige included,  and no Facebook page for Paige.

Taylor O'Brien

Seriously friends  we desperately need your help on this quest!! leave all of your comments, info or anything you might know about Josh’s girlfriend on the comments box below!

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