January 25, 2021

Who is Lennay Kekua? Real ? Hoax?

Lennay Kekue is a familiar name for all of the football fans out there, especially from Notre Dame University after all she was allegedly the late girlfriend of their star player Manti Te’o who died of leukemia last year, but the truth that recently emerged was that Lennay didn’t die and what’s worst is that she doesn’t exist!!

Lennay Kekua Manti Te'o Fake fgirlfriend

We all know the story, 22-year-old Lennay Kekua met Manti Te’o after a football game in 2009, they continued to talked on Twitter and on the phone, Manti felt for her and the feelings began to blossom, he was heart broken when Lennay discovered she had cancerous cells in her blood stream, it was discovered after she was involved in a serious car accident.

Lennay lost her battle to leukemia but before she died she made Manti promised her that he wouldn’t miss a game to attend her funeral, but he would play his best and he would honor her memory that way and that is exactly what happened.

months after her death Manti got a phone call from a number he recognized, but just couldn’t be and the voice on the phone was also a voice he recognized, it was Lennay, she told him she never died and that the whole story was a hoax, he had been a part of it.

Manti called Notre Dame officials and let them know what happened, he said he was the victim of a hoax, however some people think he might have been involved in the whole thing, but again we are just assuming.

What DeadSpin reported that the man behind Lennay was a former Ronaiah L Tuiasosopo who is 22, a former football player, a family friend.

It was Ronaiah L Tuiasosopo who had this friend “Reba” who is the face we all known as Lennay, but according to her she hasn’t even met Manti and she was not aware her face was been used to fool Manti into believing she was Lennay Kekua.

Lennay Kekua @LoveMSMKRonaiah Tuiasosopo Manti teo

Reagan Mauia a fellow football player said he met Lennay once long time before the whole Manti Te’o, he was introduced to her by no other that Ronaiah L Tuiasosopo. I wonder if we will be hearing Lennay Kekua’s real identity


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