November 29, 2020

Will Adamowicz- Emma Watson’s New Boyfriend at Coachella

Emma Watson aka Hermione in R.J Rowlin’s movies Harry Potter was seen in the arms and locking lips with a handsome young man, he has been identified as Will Adamowicz and we are  going to tell you all about him.

Emma Watson Boyfriend Will Adamowicz images

Emma Watson celebrated her 22nd birthday at the Coachella Music festival yesterday, but she was not celebrating just with her girlfriends, but wit her new boyfriend Will Adamowicz who she met six months ago at Oxford University the  have been dating since the end of last year.

Boston native Will Adamowicz studied for a year while on placement from Brown, he was first seen with Emma on January 4th in Islington, London where the two of them were spotted shopping, should I mention they shopped at a lingerie shop called Tallulah?

British Papers released his named ever since, but we were clearly not paying attention, anyway, now that we know who Emma Watson’s boyfriend is, would you like to see Will Adamowicz ‘s pictures?

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