October 21, 2020

Yvonne Keating Is Ronan Keating’s Ex-Wife- Dating John Conroy (PHOTOS)

Ronan Keating’s Ex-wife Yvonne Keating went thru hell when she discovered her husband cheating on her with dancer Francine Cornell. But Yvonne has decided her wounds have healed and it is time to move on, she is dating  John Conroy and even his ex-wife Suzanne wishes them well!!

Yvonne Connolly Keating

35-year-old Ronan Keating became Boyzone’ lead singer in the mid 80’s, after he left the band he began a quite successful solo-career, his first album “Ronan” was released in 2000 included this hit son When You say Nothing At All that was in the Notting Hill’s soundtrack. He recorded 4 more albums Destination in 2005, Turn It Up in 2003, Bring You Home in 2006 and his latest record Fires that includes 12 songs will be for sale September 3rd.

But all was success for Keating, his personal life was in the center of a scandal when his affair with dancer 27-year-old Francine Cornell was revealed this April, but Yvonne Keating left her cheating hubby last October, after she found racy text messages between Francine and Ronan on a secret cell phone.

Yvonne Connolly Ronan KeatingYvonne Connolly Model photoYvonne Connolly Model

Ronan said it has been a difficult time, but he accepted he deserved what he got

“It’s been a tough couple of years – I deserve what I got.”

Yvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife picsYvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife pictures

Yvonne on the other hand, has moved on and found love with Irish cameraman John Conroy, who she met at his daughter’s movie  “Dark Touch” directed by Marina de Van.

38-year-old Yvonne Keating was seen hand in hand with her new beau 43-year-old John Conroy on August 13th. John  whose divorce from his soon to be ex-wife Suzanne split up last December, the couple  was married for 20 years and have 6 children together. Suzanne who recently talked to The Sun..

Suzanne Conroy John Conroy ex wife

“Myself and my husband are separated and I wish Yvonne and John the best of luck.”

Yvonne Connolly Keating was born on February 8th, 1974 in Nass Co Kildare in Ireland to Ann and Michael Connolly and has and older brother James Connolly married to Linda who is very close to Yvonne and happens to be Jack Keating’s (Yvonne’s eldest child) godmother. James and Linda are the proud parents of their children Jill and James

James Connolly Yvonne Connolly brother

Yvonne Keating enjoyed a happy childhood with her family at a farm, she loved horses and spend as much as she could riding them, but things went bad when at age 12 she was send to a boarding school. she completely hat it and counted the days so she could go home on the weekend and ride her dear horses.

When Yvonne was 18 she decided to study to  be a physiotherapist and enrolled at Cardiff University in Wales, but left her studies when she felt homesick. Back home she began to work at a beauty saloon owned by her BFF Cecily Marron.

Cecily Marron Yvonne Keating best friend

It was there that she was discovered by the Emerald Isle Modeling Agency, where she worked as a model for a while. She became the face in the ad  campaigns for Peter Marks hair salons, among others.

Yvonne first met Ronan in the mid 90’s they were introduced thru mutual friends at his father Gerry Keating store where he worked delivering fizzy drinks. They reconnected a couple of years later in 1997 and began dating but their relationship came to a hold when Marie Keating was diagnosed with breasts cancer.

Ronan Keating mother Marie Keating

Yvonne was then romantically linked to F1 racer Eddie Irvine, when Marie Keating passed away in February, 1998 Yvonne was there for Ronan who was  not talking to his father by that time.

Yvonne Keating Ronan Keating wedding photo

She became Yvonne Keating when she tied the knot on April 30, 1998 at the Caribbean isle of Nevis. She found out she was expecting her first child in the Summer of 98’.

Yvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife photoYvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife photosYvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife pic

Jack Keating was born on April 15, 1999 (just a few days pass her due date, first set to Ronan’s B-day March 3rd) weighted over 10 lbs. He was named after Yvonne’s dad.

Yvonne Keating Ronan Keating childrenRonan Keating Yvonne Keating children

Their second child Marie Keating named after Ronan’s mom was born on February 18th, 2001 (Marie’ was expected to be born on Yvonne’s b-day) weighted 10 lbs. Her youngest angel Ali was born at Mount Carmel Hospital on September 5th, 2005.

Yvonne Keating Ronan Keating wife pictureYvonne Keating Ali Keating

You all know the sad story about how Yvonne split up from her husband, but  moving  on with her new love John Conroy

He was born in Ireland on January 26, 1968  making his age of 43. He is a renown cinematographer, camera operator, writer, director with more than 70 films under his impressive resume.

John Conroy Yvonne Keating boyfriend bioJohn Conroy Yvonne Keating boyfriend photo

In 2003 he wrote, produced and directed the short film Selfish Minds (was awarded with a Short Film Award for Best Directorial Debut and for Best Short Film with a Grand Jury Prize) and Poker Nights 4 years later, for this short movie he was was awarded with an International Film Award for Best International Director and  with a Founder’s Award for Best Short Film. He has been  a camera operator in amazing films like In The Name of The Father in 1993, Braveheart in 1995, The Boxer in 1997, Durango in 1999, About Adam in 2000, The Tailor Of Panama in 2001, Veronica Guerin in 22003, Hidalgo, Flight of the Phoenix, Thunderbirds  and King Arthur in 2004, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005, The Da Vinci Code in 2006, The Bourne Ultimatum and Sweeney Todd, Speed Dating (awarded with an Audience award for for best feature film and best feature film with a Best of the Fest Award) in 2007, Parked in 2010, Weekender in 2011 and this year with Yvonne Keating’s beautiful daughter Marie Missy Keating making her debut as an actress in Dark Touch where she will portrayed Niamh.

Marie Missy Keating Dark Touch


Yvonne and John have been dating allegedly since February.

John Conroy Yvonne Keating photoJohn Conroy Yvonne Keating picJohn Conroy Yvonne Keating

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