November 30, 2020

Brad Pitt Red Carpet Facial at Tracie Martyn Salon for $325 Resculpting Facial

Brad Pitt was known to have acne, but what’s his skin care secret to prepare good skin condition for red carpet? One skin care secret of Brad Pitt is to do facial at the Tracie Martyn Salon where Pitt did facial from celeb facialist Tracie Martyn.

Brad Pitt Red Carpet Facial at the Tracie Martyn Salon for a $325 Resculpting Facial

Brad Pitt was reported to do $325 Resculpting Facial, also known as the red carpet facial which can tighten and contour the skin to enable him walking red carpet with the best condition!

It’s also reported that a lot of celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Madonna and Penelope Cruz also went to Tracie Martyn Salon to do facials!

It’s very expensive to do facial at beauty salons, but you have some other choices, such as to use organic facial mask!