March 5, 2021

Dita Von Teese Hairstyles Tutorial: How to Get Dita Von Teese Curls with Simple 8 Steps? (photo, videos)

Read about Dita Von Teese Hairstyles Tutorial on How to Get Dita Von Teese Curls with Simple 7 Steps. Now as   The Great Gatsby gets popular, the 1920s hairstyle becomes a trend. Now more and more girls are looking for simples ways to create Dita Von Teese’s classical curls. In fact it’s quite possible that you can do it in your own home with 8 steps.

Dita Von Teese Hairstyles Tutorial How to Get Dita Von Teese Curls with Simple 7 Steps

Step 1: Mix two drops of hair serum with your  styling cream and distribute throughout damp locks. This step adds shine to your hair as well as softness

Step 2: Blow-dry two-inch sections of hair from under-most layers with a round brush

Step 3: To build a voluminous bounce and inward curl at the ends, curling the brush under the strands

Step 4: You can use rollers to make your hairstyle more authentic: Use a curling barrel to curl one-inch sections of hair. Star from at the front of your head and at temple-level, place a roller under each section and begin wrapping hair around the roller, rolling downward toward your tips. Hold in place using a bobby pin or clip, and spritz a small amount of heat-activated hairspray on each curls

Step 5: Same to do with your  lower layers of your hair.

Step 6: Drop the starting point of your roller to create a continuous diagonal wave when you move toward the back of your head

Step 7: Set the curls with a hairdryer on low when your head is crowned in rollers for about ten minutes to activate the hairspray for long-lasting hold. Let hair set for another 10 minutes.

Step 8: Remove the rollers one by one from undermost layers. Apply one last light layer of hairspray for hold, then use a bobby pin to pull back a wave or two, or pin a tight curl above the ear.

Dita Von Teese Hairstyles video Tutorials

A short video on how to brush heated curls into loose locks like our lovely Dita!

Reallhy quick little vintage hair tutorial… once it’s in place you can attack it with Hairspray and fiddle about with it till it is smooth and in the position you want it to be.


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