October 19, 2020

Do Gluten-Free Skin Care and Makeup Products Prevent Celiac Disease?

Now Gluten-Free has been moved from foods labels to cosmeic products. Many makeup products brands such as Boscia and Dry Bar all begin to embrace  ‘Gluten-free’ tag. Red Apple makeup products are especially designed to produce gluten free makeup produts.

Gluten free has been linked with Celiac disease, which is an allergy caused by taken or exposed to gluten which includes rye, wheat or barley derivatives.

gluten free

Skin care and makeup products that contain gluten

The common skin are or hair care products that contain gluten are:

  • hair conditioners
  • skin moisturizers
  • mascaras

They contain gluten such as oat or wheat protein which functioned as the moisturizing agent. But there’re still many makeup product do not contain gluten. In fact, it’s very easy just add a label to say they are ‘gluten-free’ when they never had gluten contained.

Do Gluten-Free Makeup Products Prevent Celiac Disease?

Red Apple Cosmetics once said on their official blog that nearly all all makeup contains gluten and using such glutinous makeup products may slowly kills you. Only the gluten free one like ‘red apple lipstick’ is safe to use.

There’re no proof that eating glutinous products will kill you slowly, not to say for cosmetics that contained gluten. But does gluten-free makeup products prevent celiac disease? According to scientist, the glutinous mascara has the slight chance to cause irritation when it contacted with the mucus membrane. But  products like shampoo and conditioner are even far less likely offenders.

Most people just believed they have allergies

The fact is are you allergic to gluten? In fact, according to the scientific report, most people are not allergic to gluten, but because there’re a part of people concerning about Celiac Disease caused by gluten, it influenced the most people not to choose glutinous products.

People who have allergies are super careful about what they use. There is really only a small percentage of the population that has allergies and a large percentage that believes they have allergies. – dailymail

It’s ok to use Gluten-free hair care

If you’re allergic to gluten, you can just choose gluten-free products to use, but there’s an exception. Some hair care conditioner contains gluten which helps to smooth the cuticle. This kind of gluten is in fact do no likely cause allergy if you don’t drink it.

Take a look of the popular gluten-free products

gluten free mascaras

gluten free skin moisturizers

gluten free hair conditioner

gluten free lipstick