March 2, 2021

Emma Stone’s Beauty, Skin Care Tips and Makeup Secrets!

Emma Stone, this smart and beautiful girl, recently revealed to Glamour magazine her beauty, makeup, skin care and hair care tips?

Emma Stone's Beauty, Skin Care Tips, Hair Care Secrets and Makeup Secrets

Emma Stone’s beauty tips

  • Emma Stone reveals she loves doing facials and her most favorite spa service is Joanna Vargas in New York City for her Power Peel service.
  • Get help from the red-carpet stylist Mara Roszak to create the perfect red-carpet look
  • Emma Stone’s self-made beauty tip is to slather olive oil on her face and body all the time.

Emma Stone’s favorite skin care and makeup products

  • Emma Stone’s favorite sunscreen is EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 which just sold for $27 and you can purchase at

I’m grateful that sunblock exists; otherwise, I’d be screwed. – Emma

  • Emma Stone’s favorite drug stone products are Revlon Lash Potion mascara and drugstore lip crayons in bright pink and red shades; she also loves Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Emma Stone’s makeup tips

  • Emma Stone would apply a bit of moisturizer, wore mascara and fill in eyebrows for her own time.
  • Emma Stone looks so pale so she avoid nude lipstick which made him like been dead for years

Emma Stone’s weight loss diet

Emma Stone’s recent weight loss diet is smoothies.

I have a Vitamix; it’s a game changer. I put in this vitamin-y green powder with bananas, frozen berries, and coconut water. I really like the at-home smoothie situation. – Emma Stone