January 22, 2021

Heather Locklear’s Bizarre Anti-aging and Skin Care Tip: Put Semen on Your Face!

Heather Locklear, this 51 old actress looks so young and her skin glowing all the times. What’s her anti-aging and skin care secret? Heather Locklear once told TMZ in an interview of her anti-aging secret that “You don’t wanna know what I’m gonna to say,” and after continuous asking for this advice, she revealed bizarre tip:

“You just put semen on your face,” Heather said seriously and did a rubbing motion on her face.

Heather Locklear's Bizarre Anti-aging and Skin Care Tip Put Semen on Your Face

Although many people would think it odd, dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia told HollywoodLife that it makes sense of “Semen anti-aging method”.

“Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, which are designed to break down proteins. In theory, if applied to the skin, these enzymes could help to break down the uneven and thickened dead layer of older, sun-damaged skin. This could make the skin feel smoother.”

It’s not easy to get Heather Locklear’s smooth and glowing skin overnight (although there’re romors that she has done plastic surgery to maintain her youthful look: Heather Locklear plastic surgery), but this skin-renewal process can show obvious results after weeks.

But Dr. Hevia suggested girls not use it as a daily mask because Semen is a body fluid which becomes unstable at the outside, thus it can’t work as beneficial and quick as staying in the body. Plus there’s lack of proofs that if Semen really works for anti-aging clinically. So it’s still better to focus on anti-aging products with anti-aging ingredients that have been proved clinically effective.