January 15, 2021

Jennifer Hudson’s Favorite Top 4 Skin Care and Makeup Products For Sensitive Skin

Jennifer Hudson (born September 12, 1981) always has flawless skin but do you know that Jennifer Hudson had sensitive skin? She carefully chose skin care products for sensitive skin and she shared her favorite products are as following.

Jennifer Hudson's Favorite Top 3 Skin Care Products For Sensitive Skin

Jennifer’s favorite cleaning solution is: Dermalogica Essential Cleaning Solution

“My skin is sensitive, so I don’t mix products. I use all Dermalogica.” – Jennifer Hudson

How does the Dermalogica Essential Cleaning Solution works for the sensitive skin?

Dermalogica Essential Cleaning Solution contains ingredients extracted from natural plants. Natural Safflower Oil softens and conditions skin. Antioxidant Vitamins E and C smooth and condition the skin. Mild astringents, extracts of Rosemary and Lemon, refresh tired skin.


Dermalogica skin care products


She blends Maybelline Great Lash mascara and MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid (NC 45 and NC 55).

“I blend two together to get the perfect shade.” – Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer uses Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer for her locks.

“This keeps my hair healthy at the roots.”