January 16, 2021

NYC-based Dermatologist Revealed Topical Retinoids’ Potent Anti-aging and Acne Treatment Ability!

NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad once revealed topical retinoids’ potent anti-aging ability and also offered a little secret to choose the potent anti-aging products!

celebrity acne and acne treatment

“Topical retinoids have been shown to improve the skin’s texture and the appearance of fine lines – so, for women looking for potent anti-agers, retinol is the one must-have ingredient to help keep skin young.” – Dr. Ariel Ostad

So next time, if you want to find an effective anti-aging product, try the ones that contained topical retinoids as the main ingredients!

Here are a few skin care products with Topical Retinoids.

Besides anti-aging, Topical Retinoids also had another effect as acne treatment!

What are Topical Retinoids?

Topical Retinoids are the kind of compounds derived from vitamin A was been long used for treating inflammatory and acne.

Topical Retinoids working mechanism

Topical retinoids functions by increasing the metabolism of the cells  and sloughed away dead skin cells thus effectively cure acne or inflammation. Now it’s also proved its anti-aging effects.