March 3, 2021

Top Alexa Chung Skin Care, Hair Care and Beauty Tips as Vogue Magazine Cover Girl!

As Vogue magazine cover girl for October issue of Vogue, Alexa Chung shares her skin care, hair care and beauty tips to Vogue Magazine.

Top Alexa Chung Skin Care, Hair Care and Beauty Tips

Vogue magazine cover photo

Inspiration from Brigitte Bardot

Alexa Chung reveals her makeup was inspired by Brigitte Bardot that looking perfect. Though without blond hair, Alexa Chung tried the following makeup products

  • Black ribbon from VV Rouleaux
  • Black mohair jumper from Topshop
  • apply a thick layer of Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner

brigitte-bardot-Top Alexa Chung Skin Care, Hair Care and Beauty Tips 2

Body care tips

Alexa Chung Skin Care tip is to apply Roin which is an amazing body oil not so cheap.

I love how it smells. It’s incredibly rich so often I mix it with any old moisturiser. Bothering to nourish my skin is a relatively new thing for me but it’s so nice to feel soft rather than being an ashy mess. – Alexa Chung

Hair care tips

Alexa Chung revealed she never brush hair after bathing. Just let the hair dry and never touch it and you can get natural curls.

Make-Up tips
Alexa Chung’s favorite lipstick is “MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger”

This is the perfect pillar box red lipstick and it DOES NOT MOVE. I went swimming in a waterfall for an entire day and emerged from the water with a full lip intact. – Alexa Chung

To read further, you can read where she will share with her fashion history, more beauty and shopping tips!