February 24, 2021

7 Cool Awesome Iphone Cover and Skin Ideas

Looking for cool awesome iphone cover and skin ideas and innovative products? Check the following! You can find Mood Ring iPhone Skin, iphone skin with bling-bling look, iphone case doubles as extra battery source, cool natural  Wooden iPhone Case, cute Despicable Me 2 Minions for girls and even waterproof iphone case!

Celebrities also love cool iphone covers!

Cool Awesome Iphone Cover and Skin Ideas 4

Cool Awesome Iphone Cover and Skin Ideas 3

Cool Awesome Iphone Cover and Skin Ideas 2

Awesome Iphone Bing-bling case:  Henrick iPhone 5 Case

This Henrick iPhone 5/5S Case from Dannijo features a detailed, kaleidoscopic design to give you a modern look as well as very nice protective function.

Mood Ring iPhone Skin by SlickWraps

Made from thermo-chromatic material,  the mood ring iphone skin can change its color according to different temperatures, it would be fun to watch your iphone skin changing colors according to your mood!

Powerwrap5 iPhone 5/5S Battery Case
This iphone case for iphone 5 is amazing because it can work as an extra battery source and when you need it, it can simoultaneously charges your phone, of course it also has a cool look. Want to know how it charges your phone, click the photo to check for more details!
Clic Wooden iPhone Case by Native Union

It seems to back to nature-inspired look which is simple, green yet stylish. Invented by The Native Union design lab, the clic wooden iphone case is a handcrafted iPhone 5/5s case combined both of the artistry with precision. The case is made from the natural cherry wood, which offers specific wood grain for each iphone.

Despicable Me 2 Minions Silicone iPhone Case
How cute of these Despicable Me 2 Minions iphone case! Made from silicone, these iphone cases are so cute, vivid and soft as well, I’m sure girls would love it!
Stashback iPhone 5 Case by Incipio

This iphone case not only offers protection for your iphone, it also has the organizational exterior compartment to store your cards and extra money. Quite useful because next time when you are out for shopping, just take your iphone with the case one would be enough!

Fantom Five Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Now you don’t need to worry about the iphone droping into water now. The waterproof case has both protective and waterproof functions, and with its transparent design, it looks so stylish!
The case can also protect your iphone from snow and sand.