December 1, 2020

Dianne Wiest Two Time Oscar Winner Fears Being Homeless!

Two time Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest,66, is publicly saying she’s having trouble paying her rent now. Wiest recently sat for an interview with the New York Times, where she said she has long been type cast as nice mom roles for a very long time now. Due to this typecasting, it’s been very difficult finding enough parts to pay her rent, the actress says. Wiest has had rent related difficulties in the past. In 2011 she was embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with a then landlord over non payment of rent. At the time Wiest was paying $7000  a month in rent. Wiest who still lives in New York City said she is going to have to move from her current rental very soon. Wiest won two best supporting Oscars for her roles in the 1986 film ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’. She also won a best supporting acting award for the 1994 film, ‘Bullets Over Broadway’.DianneWiest

Wiest has a bachelors degree from the University of Maryland, and is the product of very educated parents, her mother was a nurse her father a University Professor. She is a classically trained stage actress, and got her start in the arts on Broadway play ‘Solitaire/Double Solitaire. Wiest has never been married and has two adopted daughters, now adults. During her acceptance speech for her first Academy Award in 1987 Wiest said” Gee this isn’t what I imaged it would be in the bathtub. First of all I want to say how very proud I am to be nominated with four women whose work is so wonderful. I’m still making a movie with Woody Allen. my fourth movie with him, so I’m still working with the same  people I worked with in ‘Hannah and her Sisters.’

The same crew the same cameramen, the same designers the same great cinematographers, the same producer, the same drivers we’re all there and I think on behalf of all of us, and also on behalf of all of the actors, Mia Farrow, Maureen O’Sullivan, thank you. For my mom, my brother and my dearest friend Sam Cohen thank you very much.”

Wiest again won an Oscar in 1996, when she won and was giving her speech she said ” This is as surprising and thrilling as it was the first. Except this time I need glasses, yes I really need them, so it’s a difference this time. I am so privileged to be in the company of these gifted women including Jennifer Tilley my colleague who is so wonderful. I’m in debt to my loyal friend and remarkable artist Woody Allen. He gave me such a gift with this role. With this gift came acting with John Cusack, Being lit by the legendary cinematographer Carlo DePalma. Costumes by Jefferey Curlin, a great cast and a great crew. Thanks to Harvey and Bob Weinstein. I have to thank my family, Martha, Kathleen Towland, my brothers Greg and Donnie. My sweet daughters Emily and Lily, their sweet patience, without them nothing is anything. Sam Cohen is their godfather, if the world was a perfect place, every kid would have a godfather like Sam.”



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