March 4, 2021

Emmy Rossum’s Skin Care Secret and Her Favorite Skin Care Products

Emmy Rossum revealed her skin care secret recently. Emmy Rossum this actress with flowing and healthy skin said, her favorite skin care products are Caudalie’s vino-based products, because the products are made from antioxidant-rich organic grape water.

Emmy Rossum's Skin Care Secret and Her Favorite Skin Care Products

 Emmy Rossum recommended “Caudalie’s vino-based products”


Emmy Rossum’s recommendation: Vinosource facials, these products are made from fresh grapes and had excellent hydration effects!


Organic grape water is one of the best skin care products and organic grape water is the best. The reasons for grape’s skin care effect is as follows,

  • Vitamin C

Grape water is rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C. 

  • Other Vitamins and minerals

It also contains Vitamin B, Vitamin K and Vitamin B and manganese. Further more, grape water also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  • Phytochemicals or phytonutrients

Grape water is rich in phytochemicals or phytonutrients which are important for skin health.

These effects worked together as one of the best grape skin care treaments.