January 27, 2021

Get Kim Kardashian Style: Top 4 Kim Kardashian Makeup Secrets and Must-Haves!

Want to get Get Kim Kardashian style? Check top 4 Kim Kardashian makeup secrets and must-haves! She shared some of her little makeup and skin care tips and key is in the cosmetic products she chose! In fact not all of Kim Kardashian’s favorite beauty products are high-end, some are even very cheap!


Top 1  Lip Fusion lip gloss

“I can’t live without Lip Fusion lip gloss” -Kim Kardashian answered when Life & Style magazine answered which beauty prodcut she can’t-live-without.

Kim Kardashian’s favorite lip color is a kind of nude color called “Big & Bare”.

I LOVE LIP FUSION LIP GLOSS! ALL THE SHADES ESPECIALLY BIG & BARE @catflux Kim which is your gloss? Color & brand

In fact Lip Fusion lip gloss has aroused much controversy because many said “Lip Fusion lip gloss” too dry. But now Lip Fusion has released some other product-line that is more popular now, such as”FusionBeauty LipFusion Xl 2x Micro-Injected Collagen Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy”

Top 2 Kim Kardashian’s favorite polish – OPI’s Midnight in Moscow

Kim Kardashian is very careful about her nail care and often went to manicurist for her nails. She went there quite often that sometimes twice a week. She said she felt very clean and comfortable when her nails done in municurist.

kim kardashian style

Kim Kardashian’s favorite polish is “OPI’s Midnight in Moscow“, which is a deep red polish.


Top 3 Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Fluid Makeup – Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup

Another key to get Kim Kardashian’s looks is “Fluid Makeup”, which works best for flawless skin. Once Kim confessed her favorite fluid makeup is “Hourglass liquid veil” with the full name as “HourglassVeil Fluid Makeup Oil Free SPF 15 in Sand”

HourglassVeil Fluid Makeup effectively increases collagen production in deeper skin thus effectively reduce wrinkles, plus, it also helps for skin tightening.


You can also try the following Hourglass liquid veil, which is more popular now.


Top 4 Kim Kardashian’s favorite false lashes

The key for Kim Kardashian’s big perfect eyes is her false lashes. In fact her favorite false lashes are just Andrea drugstore false lashes which are affordable!

Kim’s makeup artist shared with People magazine 6 little tips to wear false eyelashes to get Kim Kardashian’s look!

Apply lashes in a natural feathering pattern.

Begin with inner eye

place the false lashes where where you natural lash line is sparse.

For more easy touching your lashline while looking on the mirror., Tilt your head up and look down so

Before you apply mascara, wait 10 minutes which allows your lashes to dry

Don’t apply too much mascara to the false lashes.

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