February 24, 2021

Hip Hop Mogul Suge Knight Behind Bars Again!

Suge Knight,49, no stranger to murder and mayhem has been arrested again. Everything this time went array on a movie set in crime ridden Compton, CA. Knight, founder of the now defunct Death Row Records, and presently the CEO of Black Kapital Records, is sitting in an LA county jail on murder charges, bail has been set for 2 million dollars. Knight is being accused of a hit and run that resulted in death. There are conflicting reports about what happened on Thursday on the movie set.Suge

Information about Knight’s tie to the movie are now unclear. Knight and his entourage were on the set on Thursday and got into a fight with several individuals. After the first fight there was supposedly another fight right outside of the filming location. Knight was seen leaving in his car, but not before he quickly backed his car up and intentianlly ran into several men standing behind Knight’s car. One man was struck and died instantly, 2 others were injured and are still in the hospital.

The victim Terry Carter, 55, was said to be a friend of Knight’s. According the LA Sheriff’s department, Carter was attempting to get into the passenger side of Knight’s pick up when he was struck. Carter was not Knight’s intended target, there is evidence on the seen, and eye witness testimony that indicates Knight’s actions were deliberate, and therefore he is being held on homicide charges.

Another man injured in the incident is actor Cle Bone Sloan, who is still hospitalized, but is expected to recover fully. Sloan was in the film ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington. Witnesses on the scene told police that Knight was working as a production person on the film, and had two different fights hours apart on Thursday. The second fight is what resulted in the deadly finale. Knight was seen driving a red pick up truck, backing into a few men, twice and then fleeing the scene. The pick up truck was found abandoned hours later in a Westwood parking lot, very close to the UCLA campus.

Knight credited with launching some of the biggest names in hip hop and rap including Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Rappers Dr. Dra and Ice Cube were also working on the film in Compton but were not on the set when the incident occurred. Knight has been in out of jails and prison for the last twenty years. In 1997 he was sent to prison for probation violations for nine years but was released after 4 years in 2001. He has had constant non stop legal problems since his 2001 prison release. Knight a native of Compton, was a standout football player during his youth. His talents on the football field gave him the opportunities for further education which he took advantage of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He played a few years of professional football in the NFL with mainly the Rams. It has long been rumored that Knight was responsible for the murder of rapper Shakur in 1996 in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson boxing match.

Donna Thomas

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