September 18, 2020

Janice Dickinson Throws Another Log On The Bill Cosby Fire!

Former mega super model Janice Dickinson is weighing in on the current Bill Cosby Rape Allegations controversy. Dickinson, 59. claims that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982, more then 30 years ago. The former supermodel is speaking out and talked to Entertainment Tonight this week, in lieu of the current disturbing allegations being made against comedic actor Bill Cosby,77. Janice_DickinsonMost of the claims being made against Cosby happened decades ago, but are not coming to the forefront once again. Some of these allegations are not new, they have been around for several years. Many claims have been settled out of court. Many woman received undisclosed amounts of money to keep them from perusing Cosby legally. Dickinson says that she first met Cosby as a result of her agent setting up a meeting with him. The one time super model was interested in appearing on ‘The Cosby Show’. Dickenson says after they had dinner, there was no contact for a while. After some under determined amount of time Dickenson entered rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction. After she left treatment she says Cosby called her out of the blue, while she was vacationing on Bali. Cosby arranged for her to travel to Lake Tahoe, CA where he was performing. Cosby, told her he would give her the job on the Cosby Show, that they previously talked about. Dickenson says she and Cosby had dinner and during the evening, Cosby gave her a pill that she took with a glass of red wine.

She says the next thing she remembered is walking up wearing pajamas. Dickenson said she realized she “had been sexually assaulted by this man”. She said whens she woke up she had semen between her legs. She wrote a memoir called “No Lifeguard on duty: The accidental life of the world’s first supermodel” in 2002. She said she wanted to write about the incident then, but after a first draft was submitted to her publisher Harper Collins, Cosby attorneys applied pressure on the publisher, and incident in question was edited out of her book. Dickenson told the TV show, she was coming out to speak about what happened to her, because it’s the right thing to do. She said it happened to her, and she wants the other women to know she believes them. She said keeping the secret to herself for the last 32 years, has led to life of addiction and hurting herself. Cosby attorneys were quick to dismiss the model’s claims, saying she had made these claims in the past, and her story is constantly changing, and she’s not someone that can be believed. She said the reason she didn’t come out before, is because she was afraid it would hurt her career and be labeled an opportunist and someone that was just trying to sleep her way up the ladder of success. If given the opportunity to address Cosby now, Dickenson says she would say “how dare you do that to me, I hope you rot.” She is the 3rd woman to come forward against Cosby in the last few weeks.



Donna Thomas

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