March 2, 2021

Kim kardashian Style: Kim in Black Saint Laurent Dress, Sleek, Sexy and Supportive! (PHOTOS)

Kim kardashian in Black Saint Laurent Dress looks gorgeous! It’s obvious that Kim kardashian likes her outfit very much that she posted an article and photos in her blog and said her “I absolutely love this look” . Kim wore it when she and her mom flew to NYC to watch Kanye big perform on SNL when Kanye performed 2 two songs off his new album.

kim kardashian in Black Saint Laurent dress photos

Kim kardashian laughed at who judged of her tight outfit as “Don’t wear tight things,” explained that for every pregnant women, wearing something tight and supportive would give them a feeling of secure and she also made a “sleek hair look” by pushing to one side.

Kim kardashian black dress

Saint Laurent dress. She matched her dress with maternity Spanx tights and 2-inches heels.

Kim kardashian Makeup

Kim wore a smokey eye makeup for the “fun night” and she said she “absolutely loved the sleek and sexy look”!

kim kardashian makeup photo in Black Saint Laurent dress photos


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