March 3, 2021

Mary Katrantzou’s Print Dresses Get Popular Among Celebrities! (Photos, Wiki, Bio)

Mary Katrantzou is now a London fashion designer and her dresses got popular among celebrities. Mary Katrantzou was born in 1983 in Athens so she is a Greek fashion designer to be more exact and now works in London.

Mary Katrantzou’s designing talent might influenced by her mother, an interior designer. Her father trained in Textile Engineering.

Mary Katrantzou by Kevin Abosch

Mary Katrantzou studied architecture at Rhode Island School of Design in US in 2003 but not completed the study there, maybe because she found her true love of “art and design” rather than “architecture”. So she changed her major to  Art and Design and learnt in Central Saint Martins College. She stayed there till she got her master’s degree. If you check her design work, you will see her fashion design full of beautiful designing that he might got inspiration during this period, in fact, Mary Katrantzou managed to sell her prints to Bill Blass during her study period.

Mary Katrantzou’s designs are mostly inspired by perfume bottlesm ancient society paintings and these designs are complemented by a capsule jewellery line, now available in more than 200 high-end fashion shops.

Just see who are wearing Mary Katrantzou’s dresses!

Jessica Alba In Mary Katrantzou dress

jessica alba in mary katrantzou dress photo

Rihanna in Mary Katrantzou butterfly top

Rihanna in Mary Katrantzou photos

Alexa Chung in Mary Katrantzou dress


NaomiCampbell in Mary Katrantzou dress

NaomiCampbell in Mary Katrantzou dress photo

karlie kloss in Mary Katrantzou dress

karlie kloss in Mary Katrantzou dress pic

Just look into more of Mary Katrantzou’s dresses below! 

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