October 19, 2020

Michelle Obama Fashion: Pearls Necklaces and Classic Shaped Earrings

Michelle Obama fashion not only limited to her dresses, but also the necklaces and earrings she chose to match her outfits.

Michelle Obama’s favorite necklaces are pearls necklaces which has become Michelle Obama fashion icon. Michelle printed her own style into these classic style necklaces by wearing gold and brown pearls necklaces or over-sized faux pearls necklaces. Which looks gorgeous!

Michelle Obama Fashion Pearls Necklaces


Besides pearls necklaces, Michelle also wore some other classic style necklaces with deep meanings. One of her favorite style is a pendant with a hope dog and peace symbol, which she wore on casual occasions for several times.

Michelle Obama Fashion earrings


Michelle Obama also chose the classic shaped earnings, such as the earring with double oval hoop. These classic styles especially the silver stones goes easily with her dresses. Gold hoop earrings are also her favorite to match the outfits.