September 20, 2020

Selena Gomez Style: Selena Gomez All Saints Snarl Tarot T-Shirt, Skinny Pants and Open Toe Booties (Photo)

Get Selena Gomez Style! Selena Gomez left Kiss 108 radio station wearing a All Saints Snarl Tarot T-Shirt and skinny pant, on May 10 in Boston. She looks gorgeous! Now you can copy Selena Gomez outfit below:

Selena Gomez style Selena Gomez fashion outfit photos

Selena Gomez wore a All Saints Snarl Tarot T-Shirt ($58.00).

Shiekh Womens Inna Open Toe Booties. Price: $39.97, On Sale For: $12.95. Here are some other choices

Donna KaranCollection Skinny Stretch Leather Pants, Was: $1,595.00,  On Sale For: $956.98. Here are some more alternatives!

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Photos: justjaredjr