November 24, 2020

Victoria Beckham Beauty Secret: How to Apply Ombre Manicure

One of “Victoria Beckham Beauty Secrets” many neglected is her maunicure. She was once apply ombre manicure which looked so special! Now get celebrity look of the ombre nails!You must have seen so many celebrities wearing Ombre Manicure and seems so great! Victoria Beckham is one of these celebrities.


Lauren Conrad is also fond of wearing ombre nails, which is one of Lauren Conrad’s beauty secret.

Ombre Manicure

Ombra nails means wearing dark to light shading as polished on different nails! Lauren Conrad once wrote on her blog of her love with ombre mails. She was fond of ombre trend several years ago and started with her clothing, then hair and later turned to ombre nails.

I love this crafty way of sporting polish, not only because it’s fun, but because it’s so darn easy to do. All you need is 5 different nail polishes in the same color family. If you are polish junkie like I am, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Is anybody else hoarding boxes of the stuff or am I alone on that?

She also shared the secrets of choosing the shades of her favorite!

This looks great in any shade from bright blues to a more subtle selection of nudes, or my personal favorite- pinks! The trick is to get a smooth gradation of color. Try not to jump too far when going from one shade to another.

Here are what she picked for Ombre Manicure:

Pinkie: pink OPI


Ring: Deborah Lippmann, Pop Life


Middle: Essie, Super Bossa

Pointer: Chanel, Dragon


Thumb: YSL, Copyright Red