March 2, 2021

What to Wear to a Wedding? 9 Dos and Don’ts

What to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest? You certainly don’t want to be the underdressed guest even just for a backyard casual wedding. But it seems even the celebrities made mistakes wearing the wrong outfits to attend the wedding. So it’s quite important for us to learn how to wear properly to a wedding and stylish at the same time!

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Here are several rules what to and not to wear to a wedding.

1. Wear elegant to a wedding

Now most of the weddings are semi-casual or even casual, it not means you can wear anything you want! The basic rule is you’d better wear respectful clothing, so cleavage-revealing dress or short mini dress might not be the wise choice.

Kate Middleton wore a grey Erdem dress suit and Jane Corbett hat when she attended a wedding in Oxfordshire looks so elegant for the wedding!

What to Wear to a Wedding Dos and Donts kate middleton

2. Keep warm in fall or winter wedding

For winter or fall wedding, you need to wear something to keep you warm all day long. Kate Moss was spotted wearing a silver vintage halter dress and a blue crushed velvet shawl to keep her warm and stylish. Note her daughter wore a light blue dress paired with a warm fur shawl so luxuriously elegant.

What to Wear to a Wedding kate moss

3. It’s ok to wear black

It’s ok to wear black if you don’t wear black suits to a wedding from work. In fact, Victoria Beckham was always spotted wearing black outfits attending the wedding. I like Jessica Alba’s outfit much more though, she was spotted wearing a scoop-necked black gown and paired with black sandals. With just simple diamond accessories to finish her look. Perfect.

What to Wear to a Wedding jessica alba

4. If you wear shorts for wedding, wear in it a neutral way like Kate Moss.

You should not wear too chic to a wedding. But it’s not so fixed. In fact, Kate Moss proved that you can wear shorts attending a wedding! She wore a taupe short suit with matching fedora at Bobby Gillespie’s ceremony in 2006. I really love it.

What to Wear to a Wedding kate moss 2

5. Do not wear formal suits for girls

It’s not at work, do not wear formal suits. If you are really in the mood to wear a suit for your friend’s wedding, do wear suits with gorgeous or brighter color.

What to Wear to a Wedding beyonce

6. Do not wear too chic for the wedding

Do not go for backless, short mini skirt, super high slit, look-through, dress with large cut outs, super tight. Keep conservative and cover up at a wedding.

What to Wear to a Wedding do not wear too short dress

7. Do not wear like a bridemaid

Do not wear like a bridemaid. It means do not wear outfits with excessive ruffles, trains. These details or bright colors are for bride and bridesmaids and let them get the main focus.

Princess Beatrice certainly made such a mistake. With her red strapless gown with the sparkling skyscrapers and at Petra Ecclestone’s wedding, she seems to have become the bridemaid herself!

What to Wear to a Wedding Dos and Donts princess beatrice

8. Do not wear white for wedding:

Do not wear white for wedding because sometimes people got sensitive to white outfits especially the bride and mother.

What to Wear to a Wedding do not wear white

9. Do not wear Jeans:

Do not wear Jeans. Jeans are only for casual situations. Wear pants or dress.

What to Wear to a Wedding Dos and Donts kim kardashian

More suggestions for “What to Wear to a Wedding” from Nina Garcia and other fashion editors

  • Flirty sundress fits best for daytime wedding in summer
  • Simple shirt and top, accessorize, whale print belts for country club
  • Wear anything if it’s 3 a.m. wedding in Vegas
  • Prepare a chic pair of shades for peach wedding