October 26, 2020

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brain Dead Says Source!

As the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death approaches, her only child is in the fight of her life. Bobbi Kristina Brown,21, the singer’s daughter with rapper Bobby Brown is in an Atlanta, GA hospital clinging to life, a nurse assigned to her is saying. The nurse who has been speaking to the media over the weekend, said there is no sign of life in Brown’s brain. Brown was found face down in a tub of water by her estranged husband Nick Gordon. The couple had been living separately for the last few months. Gordon told authorities he became alarmed after a phone conversation with his estranged wife. He and a friend named Max, rushed to Brown’s Roswell, GA townhouse when they made the discovery.Whitney_Houstonbobbiekristina

Gordon started CPR immediately, and when the police arrived they took over the CPR. She began breathing again and was transported to an area hospital, however she has not be conscience since she was discovered in the tub. Brown’s mother Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel on February 11, 2012. An autopsy on the singer revealed she succumbed to heart disease that was acerbated by Houston’s drug usage. The singer’s only child Bobbi Kristina was 18 at the time of her mother’s death, and was said to be devastated at her passing. She collapsed the next day and was seen being carted away to a hospital in Los Angeles where she was treated for ┬ápanic related issues.

She recovered in time for her mother’s star studded Newark, New Jersey funeral a few days later. Brown was rumored to have had severe drug dependency issues before her mother’s death. Brown and Gordon married in January 2014 to much public scorn. Gordon was taken in by Houston when Bobbi Kristina was 12 years old and they were raised as brother and sister. Brown called Gordon her “big brother”.

Although there have been different reports about Houston’s estate, Brown was the sole heir to her mother’s estate. Some say the estate is worth over 100 million dollars, and Brown is set to receive the estate in increments. Bobbi along with some of her surviving family members appeared on a reality show for OWN network. The show ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’. It ran for 14 episodes to dismal ratings, however Brown’s appearance on the show, was alarming to many viewers. The show premiered in October of 2012, only 9 months after Houston’s death. Many said it was done to exploit the singer’s death and earn quick checks.

Brown’s family members including Gordon are holding court in her hospital room. Director/producer Tyler Perry a Brown family friend is said to be in the hospital too. Bobby Brown, Kristina Bobby’s father is being supported by friends and family and has not left his daughter’s side since Saturday. Medical professionals are claiming it would be a miracle if Brown were to recover, the outcome sources are saying is “bleak”. Police searched Brown’s town-home and found no obvious signs of drugs or paraphernalia. They are not ruling anything out at this point.

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