February 28, 2021

WATCH: 4-Pound Hairball removed from Indian Girl’s Stomach (PHOTOS)

Why did a girl in India  had a gigantic hairball in her stomach? This teenage girl is the second girl from Indore, India to get a nasty, huge hairball out of her body, and she is not the only case reported.

eats hair trichophagia

On September 19, a 19-year-old girl from Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh arrived  to Indore, India  after she hasn’t been able to intake any food or water, the reason? She had trichophagia also known as the Rapunzel Syndrome, which is the medical term given to those with the habit of eating their hair, and this girl has been doing for quite some time.

Doctors removed a 4-pound hairball along with chalk that she also had the habit to eat at school   stuck in between the stomach and a part of her small intestine (duodenum).

4 pound hairball out of a girls stomachhairball out of girl stomach

Last year a 17-year-old girl from Zaman, Istambul had a 2.2 removed from her stomach by doctors  at Akhisar State Hospital in Akhisar district of Manisa province.

On November, 2008 an 11-year-old  girl had a foot-log hairball taken out of her stomach in India

5 years ago we heard a similar story this time the patient from Chicago had a massive 10-pound hairball in her stomach, for five months this 18-year-old had been vomiting, suffered from swelling in her stomach and lost 40 pounds.

Scroll down for pictures of other patients who had the Rapunzel Syndrome (trichophagia) and had gigantic hairballs out of their stomachs, Yikes, The pictures are quite disgusting, way to graphic perhaps

trichophagia hairball in stomachtrichophagia hairball in stomach picturetrichophagia hairball in stomach picsrapunzel syndrome  hairballhairball out of girl stomach picshairball out of girl stomach photohairball out of girl stomach photostrichophagia hairball in stomach pictrichophagia hairball in stomach photo

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