October 23, 2020

4-year-old Killed the Wife of a Wilson County Sheriff Deputy by Accident! (Photos)

A 4-year-old shot and killed Josephine G. Fanning, the wife of a Wilson County sheriff’s deputy, dead at 48 years old.

It’s reported that Josephine were short dead by their 4-year-old nephew who picked up a loaded gun and fired at the deputy’s wife, when they deputy and a friend looking at the firearmes at the bedroom. It took place in Lebanon home of Deputy Daniel Fanning, it happened at Saturday evening during the family cookout.

deputy wife killed 2

After hearing the sound, the deputies and his friend ran to the room and found Josephine G. Fanning dead from the gunshot and hardly believed his eyes. Later the Tennessee bureau went to investigate.


Josephine and the deputy has been married about 1 year and in deep love with each other, according to their neighbor. It’s ridiculous that just before the gunshot, he said to his friend that he had sme weapon kept safely in this house and locked in a secure place.deputy wife killed(cbsnews)

“Split second, we’re talking about seconds for that kid to walk in that room unbeknownst to them, grab that gun and it goes off.” Wilson County Sheriff Bryan told the station.

Sheriff Bryan said “He took all the precautions, he’s a trained law enforcement officer, trains with weapons all the time.”

It’s so much horrible accident that who will ever notice a small child’s so dangerous behavior? And who can suffer the pain of the deeply loved wife in just minutes?

Maybe it’s time for Gun owners to carry the liability policy and tried every method to keep the gun from the kids to prevent from further wrongful death.

What a tragedy!