February 27, 2021

95-Car Accident in Virginia, 3 Killed! (Pictures, Video)

Massive 95 car accident happend in Virginia at about 1:15 p.m today in Virginia, three people killed and 25 injured in the car accident, according to the state’s department of transportation.

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Due to this car accident, the traffic was backed up for about 10 miles on Virginia highway and the Interstate 77 in both directions were shut down so that the police, ambulances and fire trucks able to reach the series of the massive car accident. While the northbound lanes was to open within a few hours, the Southebound and Northbound lanes near the North Carolina border and Virginia still closed.
The car accident was caused by heavy fog, according to the police. But Glen Sage, stuff of American Red Cross office said that the car crashes were “mostly caused by drivers going too fast for conditions”.

“This mountain is notorious for fog banks. They have advance signs warning people. But the problem is, people are seeing well and suddenly they’re in a fog bank,” said Glen Sage, stuff of American Red Cross office.

According to people encountried in the vehicle accident,

“With so much fog we didn’t see much around it,” Rose, 20 years old, driving home with her mother, told the Roanoke newspaper. “As we got further up we just saw a bunch of people standing on the median, just with their kids and families all together. There were cars smashed into other cars, and cars just underneath other semi-trucks.”

“It was really foggy at first,” Darrell Utt, 17, who struck in this accident when traveled to Huntington, said. “We probably saw over 50 tow trucks. We saw about five cars come down and three semi-trucks. One of them, it didn’t even look like a car, it looked like a chunk of metal.”

The stranded people were carried by school buses to nearby hotels and shelter. The names of people killed in car accidents were not released yet.  Check more of the details in this 75-vehicle accident!