March 3, 2021

Adam Hock Involved in a Bar Fight with Prince Pierre Casiraghi

Prince Pierre Casiraghi was sent to the hospital after he was involved is a nasty bar fight with Adam Hock at Manhattan club’s Double Seven. Want to know more?

Adam Hock, pierre casighi brawl at Double seven club



The whole mess between Hock and the Prince went a little like this..

So Prince Pierre Casiraghi was partying with Starvos Niarchos and girlfriend model Jessica Hart, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.

Diego MarroquinStarvs Niarchos Jesica HartVladimir Restoin Roitfeld

While Hock was at his table with models Valentina Zalyaeva, Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik, buddies Joel Warren and Jeffrey Jah, according to Hock’s table the 27 year-old prince and his party were behaving obnoxiously, insulting his female companions and swigging from a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.

Anja RubikJeffrey JahNatasha PolyJoel WarrenValentina Zalyaeva

A witness said..

“were being completely obnoxious,’’ insulting the models and swigging from a $500 bottle of vodka on Hock’s table. The next thing I saw, all hell broke loose,’’ one witness said.

Other witness said Hock punched the Prince first “fell very badly. He . . . flew across the room and landed on a table on the other side,”

The Prince was rushed to the New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center while Hock showed up at the Manhattan Criminal Court where he was charged with four counts of third-degree assault for the alleged attacks on the Prince and his friends.

Hock’s said he was only defending himself and his friends..

“I was defending myself and others,” he said. “Why aren’t [Casiraghi and his pals] handcuffed?”
His lawyer backed him up..

“My client was having a nice time with a married couple and a lady friend and a group of very beautiful women, and these individuals were jealous, and they resorted to elementary-school tactics. My client is not Bruce Lee . . . These four guys are trust-fund babies who think the world is owed to them. They are like spoiled brats.”

Some other witness said Pierre walked to Hock’s table and Hock hit him for no reason, others said the young prince grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose vodka from a nearby table and tried to crack it over Hock’s head.

47  year-old Adam Hock was born in Manhattan, New York on October 9th, 1964, He grew up in Westchester and went to Rutgers University in New Jersey. He got his B.A. in business administration from Iona College.

After  college he funded New Beginnings Venture Capital Company, then Integrated Strategies Inc which he sold in 2005, two years later Adam Hock funded Alliance Strategies. ILF or Independent Libya Foundation was funded by him in 2010. Last December  he was appointed to the board of the U.S.-Libya Chamber of Commerce

Adam hock picAdam hock

It was until February 4th nearly a year after the incident that Adam Hock and Prince Pierre agreed on a deal where Hock must serve 12 weeks anger management and 10 days community service, but he will end up with no criminal record.

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