March 4, 2021

American Aid Worker Peter Kassig In Eminent Danger From ISIL!

A new video released by the extremest group, ISIL, shows another beheading of British aid worker. Following a pattern of prior videos showing beheading, another person in their captivity is threatened. In the Friday video Allan Henning, 47, a British National, who was an aid worker Syria was beheaded.

American aid Worker Peter Kassig threatened by ISL on Friday!
American aid Worker Peter Kassig threatened by ISL on Friday!

The graphic video is similar to the past viedos, in which a man with a distinct British accent wearing black garb, and a black face covering, speaks out against countries that are bombing ISIL targets throughout the Middle East. The man wields a knife at the camera, and says basically this person is being beheaded because of the innocent lives being taken by the bombings. In some instances, they demand for the release of certain imprisoned extremists, or they they have demanded ransom money. Today’s video followed suit with the prior ones, after the airing of Henning’s demise, a threat against the next man in captivity is made on film. Friday the person shown to be the one beheaded next is American aid worker Peter Kassing, a former US solider who was stationed in Iraq. The family have Mr. Kassig only 26, has issued a statement calling for prayers for their son. Kassig is shown on his knees wearing an orange jumpsuit, as all the men in the past videos. The man in the black says, “Obama you have started your aerial bombardment in Syria which keeps striking our people, so it’s only right that we continue to strike the necks of your people.”

The parents of Kassing who live in Indiana Ed and Paula Kassing released the following statement on Friday; ” The Kassing family extends our concern for the family of Allan Henning. We have read about his work and his generous character with great respect and admiration. We ask everyone around the world to pray for the Henning family, for our son Peter, and for the release of all innocent people being held hostage in the Middle East and around the globe.” The US State Department confirmed to the AP Wire that Kassig was indeed being held captive by the Islamic State. Kassig did an interview with CNN in 2012, in it he said that he joined the Army in 2006, when he was 20. In 2007 he was deployed with the U.S Rangers, and was sent to Iraq. He was only in briefly before being discharged for medical reasons. After his discharged he went on to receive training to be an emergency medical technician. He 2012 he founded a non-profit group called SERA, which stands for, Special Emergency Response and Assistance. The group was privately funded and not associated with the US Government. The group was based in Turkey and provided food, medical supplies and other aid to refugees fleeing war torn Syria. Kassig said he started the group to find meaning to his life and existence, he said he found it “to be his calling.” He spoke to CNN in 2012 while doing volunteer work in Lebanon, he said “You get one life and this is it.” Very chilling those words and a tad prophetic in light of today’s events.

Donna Thomas

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