March 5, 2021

Andrea Duncan: Ohio Nanny/ Model is the victim of Abuse by NY Socialite Susan O’Leary

What happens when a nanny becomes the victim of abuse, slavery and even top pop pills so she could work harder at her wealthy Park Avenue bosses’ apartment  and she can’t tell anyone about it, still can’t quit on her job? That is what Andrea Duncan an aspiring model who moved to the Big Apple to make money instead found a living her in a 4.270 square feet apartment in Park Ave owned by Susan O’Leary.


We saw what a sick twisted nanny could do to a loving wealthy family in New York when Joselyn Ortega stabbed the Krim’s little children, every parent worst nightmare, I am sure that like me you can’t take away the image of Mrs. Marina Krim crying in the ambulance after she saw her two little children stabbed to death by their nanny who they treated and loved as their family.

Every nanny in Manhattan are said to be afraid of how their jobs might be affected after this tragedy, certainly every person will either fired their nanny or forget about hiring one if that was what they were planning to do until the Krim’s tragedy.

But I am sure there are millions of nannies who are kind, sweet and would give their lives for the family their work, perhaps you are one of those or maybe you grew up with a nanny that you loved and loved as a mother or even paid more attention to you than your own mother.

31-year-old Andrea Duncan from Middlefield, Ohio born on July 17, 1981 to Donald and Laura Duncan was not planning to be a nanny when she moved to New York from Ohio, she was hoping to become a model, but she needed money first, so a job as a caretaker from a very wealthy family in Park Avenue didn’t sound so bad, especially when she would only be dong it until she could support herself as a model, the nanny job was temporally it couldn’t be so bad, or at least that was what Ms. Duncan thought.

Andrea DuncanAndrea-DuncanAndrea-Duncan-Susan-O'Leary

31-year-old Andrea Duncan would be living in the $8M apartment with NY socialite 53-year-old Susan O’Leary and her troubled 23-year-old daughter Suzanne O’Leary who had been recently at a hospital where she was treated for severe emotional disorders a little and very important details that Andrea should have been told about by her employer Mrs. Susan O’Leary who told Ms. Duncan she would be paid $250 a week, not bad at all , until…



Suzanne O’Leary has an emotional breakdown and for no reason at all three a pot of boiling at her burning he stomach pretty badly, so when Andrea told Mrs.O’Leary to visit a doctor she told she couldn’t and that instead she took some Adderall, aloe had a glass of wine and relax.

Suzanne O'Leary Andrea Cannon

Andrea also aid she was forced to do the maid’s job when she was fired and she didn’t get paid extra for the extra job and  was forced to wear skimpy outfits and served cocktails when Mrs. O’Leary had a party. However when she asked Andrea a Buddhist to go to her Kabbalag classed and Andrea said, she didn’t force her.

She couldn’t tell a soul or she would get fired, but Andrea Ducan eventually was fired, the reason was exposing herself, but Andrea said she was wearing a loose dress to prevent the fabric from touching her burn and disfigured skin adding that she was in fact fire but because she refused to prostitute herself.

Andrea has not return to Ohio but she is suing Susan O’Leary who is currently separated from her husband Dr. Patrick O’Leary a renown  spinal surgeon.(Below (left) D. Patrick O’Leart and (right) Dr. O’Leary with his daughter Katie, Christine and Suzanne O’Leary).

Patrick O'Leary Susan O'Leary husbandSuzanne O'Leary Andrea duncan NY

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