October 23, 2020

Angelica Castillo- Sharon Stone’s Maid

According to TMZ Angelica Castillo was working at Sharon Stone’s House until recently when she insulted Angelina and then fired her, and if we remember right this is not the first time the Basic Instinct actress come across these kind of allegations from former employees.

Sharon Stone maid Angelica castillo

Angelica Castillo filed a lawsuit against actress Sharon Stone who said called her stupid and then fired her, it all  began on June 19, 2012 when Angelica injured her back while loading heavy groceries from Stone’s car, Angelica said the back was so bad that she went to the doctor on  September 28th, the doctor ordered her bed rest  to avoid lifting any heavy objects or her condition would be worse.

Angelica said Sharon ordered her to come to work that same day and asked her to continue to do her normal duties including lifting heavy items, Castillo said other employees were at the house and could have assisted with the moving and lifting, but Sharon didn’t allowed them to do so.

On October 1st, still with severe back pain Angelica told her she couldn’t do normal house duties because of her back, but Sharon told her to hurry, became angry  and called her stupid and crazy and ultimately fired her.

Angelica Castillo began her job at Sharon Stone’s house on July, 2010, she was fired on October 1st, 2012.

You can read the legal Docs here.

Last May Stone’s former nanny a Filipino  woman that Fandaily identified as Erlinda Elemen said Sharon mocked her Filipino root and religious beliefs, Sharon then fired her not before telling her  that she didn’t want her sons to talk like  her.

In 2000 Sharon Stone’s 48-year-old housekeeper Socorro del Carmen Membrano was arrested for stealing jewelry, evening gowns and other items worth $300.000.She worked for Sharon for seven years and was sentenced to 16 months in jail.

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