March 3, 2021

Annette Roque is Matt Lauer’s Jealous Model Wife (wiki, photos, bio)

Meet Annette Roque, Annette Roque is Matt Lauer’s wife now, some might think Annette Roque is just a crazy jealous wife who vowed to divorce Matt If Natalie Morales gets her spot as Matt’ co-host on Today now that Ann Curry left, But the truth is that Mrs. Roque has her motives, do you remember Matt’s cheating scandals?

Annette Roque Lauer Matt Lauer Wife pics

Over the years we have been hearing about Matt Lauer’s alleged affair, first it was while Annette Roque also known as Annette Lauer was pregnant and she filed for divorce but changed her mind a month later, some alleged mistresses names circulated around the web including Alexis Houston who many said she used to be a “HE” named Wellington Houston, the same Wellington that late singer Whitney Houston sued for fraud after Wellington said he was a distant cousin of the Bodyguard actress. Radar Online reports Morales was also named as one of Matt’s mistress with whom he also fathered a child.

No wonder why Annette is worried that Natalie might get the job as Today’s co-host, that might not happen to Morales who had been hoping to get that job ever since Meredith Viera stepped down in 2006, this will be the second time she gets ignored by NBC and she is definitely not happy about it.Lauer’s possible co-host  would be either Savannah Guthrie or  Hoda Kotb.Annette is pulling all of her strings to make sure Morales doesn’t get the job, but she threatened to divorce Matt if that happens.

“When she heard about Ann getting the boot, the first thing she told Matt was that she didn’t want him cozying up any closer to Natalie. In fact, Annette drew a line in the sand and said if he pushed show bosses to make Natalie his new co-host, she’d divorce him. Annette knows Matt is the key to the TODAY franchise and his bosses will put whoever he wants in the co-host chair.”a source close to Lauer’s wife told The National Enquirer

Natalie Morales got married to Joe Rhodes in 1998, they have two sons together Josh and Luke.

But what about Matt Lauer’s stunning wife Annette?

Probably you already read that she will be traveling to London  for the Olympics, not because she is interesting in the competition but to watch over Matt, “Allegedly” and yes sure the kids are excited.

“Matt and his family will be staying at a different hotel than the rest of the cast and crew. Annette generally doesn’t like to accompany Matt when he travels for work, but it’s the Olympics and the kids are very excited. It’s hard to travel with three kids and Annette enjoys spending the summer at their Hamptons mansion where they live full-time now but Annette has made it very clear the whole family will be heading to London. Annette has made no bones about the fact she will be keeping close tabs on Matt.”

If you known something about fashion you might known that Annette Lauer or Annette Roque was known as Jade Roque the Dutch model that was one of the hottest models in the 80’s, she was also  known simply as Jade and that became a trademark for Revlon’s The Most Unforgettable Women in the World Wear Revlon. Annette was also inside the pages of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog with Supermodels Stephanie Seymour, Frederique van der Wal, Jill Goodacre, Suzanne Lanza, Kara Young, Yasmeen Ghauri, Daniela Pestova and so many other big models.

Annette and Matt began dating in 1997, they got married the following year, they have three children together ten-year-old Jack, six-year-old Romy and five-year-old Thijs.

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5 thoughts on “Annette Roque is Matt Lauer’s Jealous Model Wife (wiki, photos, bio)

  1. I’ve been a layer fan for many years but this story another how he doesn’t like anne curry was enough for me to stop watching the Today show altogether. And how can he possibly disrespect his wife and children like this. His affairs of the heart are nothing but destructive. Annette is fighting to keep the family together while matt can’t keep even support her by keeping his pants buckled. I can only imagine how many times Annette has forgiven him for the sake of the children.

    Matt desperately needs a wake up call. The children and smokin’ hot annette should be his number one priority, not l-i-t-t-l-e matt.


    55 year old phoenix resident

    PS his great job and greater family can’t stop him from behaving like trailer trash

  2. Matt needs for his wife to do the same to him or worse, divorce him. She is self sufficient and does not need to be humiliated like that.
    Shame on you Matt.

  3. Matt! Snap out of it! You only have so long to live and you have it all! Keep it for gods sake. Your wife is beautiful and you aren’t making good decisions by screwing up. They will get rid of you.

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