January 18, 2021

Arthur Becker Is designer Vera Wang’s Husband

Vera Wang is the  fashion designee of the brides, we all know she is the number designer celebrities and socialites look or the wedding gown, she has been happily married to her husband Arthur Becker for 23 years, so the news about their divorce came as quite a shock, very sad news, but I bet you want to know more about Vera’s still husband Mr. Becker.

Arthur Becker Vera wang husband photos

62-year-old Arthur P. Becker a former CEO for NaviSite the Massachusetts based tech service company, he left in 2010 after 8 years there, he was succeeded by R. Brooks Borcherding who is  the company’s president. Although he remained on its the board of directors

Previous to that Mr. Becker was director at Bear Stearns & Company (1987-1993),  after that he founded and was a member  of the Board of Directors at ClearBlue Technologies, Inc and along NaviSite’s chairman Andy Ruhan he funded Atlantic, LLC. He was named NaviSite’s Executive president on September 2003 the following year he became President.

Mr. Becker met Vera at a tennis match in 1980, they dated on-and-off for years, he wanted to get married, she  wished to focus on her career as a designer (Ralph Lauren at the time), but in 1989 during a trip to Hawaii they got informally engaged. Arthur a gold lover once lived in Hawaii

“Arthur took  me to Kukuihaele, a tiny picturesque town high on the side of a volcano. That’s when he blurted out, in spite of how upset we both were, or maybe because of it, “Do you want to get married?”

That was my proposal. No bended knee. No ring. No nothing. Just angry Arthur and furious me on a hill in the middle of nowhere.

Even though this was not how I had envisioned my proposal would be, I said yes. And disappointed as I was that I had not gotten the proposal of my dreams, I loved him.

But  Mr. Becker did asked her to marry him the way every woman dreams of..

“Two years later, after what could be politely termed a long drawn-out engagement, I finally got my formal proposal. And it was as sentimental and romantic as the one I had longed for, and filled with just the right amount of hysteria. During dinner with close friends, Arthur arranged for my engagement ring to be placed in a piece of my favorite cake. Since it didn’t take long for me to eat dessert, Arthur immediately began to panic. As he leaned over to examine what was left on my plate, my eye caught a slight glimmer of metal. At that instant, I knew. Reaching over to hug him, I was genuinely filled with happiness and hope for what would be our future.”

Arthur Becker Vera wang wedding

The couple got married on June of 1989, it was reported that they planed to start a family right away, but she  just wouldn’t get pregnant even after  having started a fertility treatment. So the couple turned to adoption.

Arthur Becker Vera wang husband imageVera wang family picsVera wang family picture

This eldest daughter born in 1990 is Cecilia and then came Josephine born in 2003. the family lived in Manhattan, except for Cecilia who attends at the University of Pennsylvania.

Arthur Becker Vera wang husband picturesArthur Becker Vera wang husband photoVera wang family photoArthur Becker Vera wang husband imagesArthur Becker Vera wang husband picArthur Becker Vera wang husband picsArthur Becker Vera wang husband pictureVera Wang, Josephine Becker==<br /><br /><br />
PHOENIX HOUSE Fashion Award Dinner==<br /><br /><br />
Empire Ballroom Grand Hyatt NYC==<br /><br /><br />
November 02, 2010==<br /><br /><br />
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